Proverbs 19
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Better is the poor that walks in integrity than the rich that perverts his ways.

2It is not good for him that does not know his soul, and he that is hasty with his feet sins.

3The madness of a man perverts his ways and he is enraged in his heart against LORD JEHOVAH.

4Possessions add many friends and the poor is separated from his friends.

5A false witness will not be spared and he that speaks falsehood will not be saved.

6There are many that serve before the Prince, and he gives gifts to the evil.

7All the brethren of the poor man hate him and his friends are far removed from him; he that is malicious in his words is not trustworthy.

8He that gets wisdom loves his soul; he that keeps the faith finds good.

9A false witness will not be spared, and he that speaks lies will be destroyed.

10A delicacy is not fitting for a fool, neither for a Servant to rule among princes.

11The intelligence of a man is his patience and his glory is the passing from evil.

12The wrath of the King roars like a lion, and his pleasure is like the dew upon the grass.

13A foolish son is a disgrace to a father, and the anxiety of a wife is like a continual dripping.

14A house and property is the inheritance of a father and a woman is betrothed to a man from LORD JEHOVAH.

15Slumber gives sleep and the proud soul will suffer hunger.

16He that keeps the commandment takes care of his soul and he that despises his ways will be killed.

17He that follows LORD JEHOVAH shows mercy upon the poor and he is rewarded according to his works.

18Chasten your son because there is hope and do not cast out your soul to his shame.

19An angry man receives injury and as much as he brings in by his care, it increases.

20Hear counsel and receive instruction so that you may be wise in your ways.

21Many are the thoughts in the heart of a man, and the counsel of LORD JEHOVAH will be confirmed.

22The desire of a man is his favor, and the poor man is better than a rich man who lies.

23The awe of LORD JEHOVAH is unto life, and he that is filled with it will live and will not visit evil.

24A lazy man that hides his hands in his chest will not even bring them to his mouth.

25Whenever a fool is whipped, the wise pays attention, and if you rebuke the wise, he perceives knowledge.

26He that plunders his father and grieves his mother is a disgraceful and shameful son.

27Stop, my son, and hear instruction, and do not forget the speech of knowledge.

28An evil witness is loud in judgment, and the mouth of the evil swallows him up.

29Pains are prepared for those that are loud in judgment, and affliction for foolish people.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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