Psalm 94
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1God of vengeance, LORD JEHOVAH, God of vengeance, be revealed!

2Be lifted up, Judge of the Earth, and return vengeance upon those who are pompous!

3How long are the wicked, LORD JEHOVAH? How long are the wicked boasting?

4They vomit and speak evil, and all workers of evil are talking

5Who have humbled your people, LORD JEHOVAH, and they have subdued your inheritance.

6They have killed widows and inhabitants and they have ravaged orphans.

7And they said, "LORD JEHOVAH does not see, and the God of Jacob does not understand.”

8Be wise, fools of the people! Idiots! How long will you not understand?

9He who planted the ears, does he not hear? He who created the eyes, does he not perceive?

10He who chastises the nations, does he not rebuke, who teaches a son of man knowledge?

11LORD JEHOVAH knows the reasonings of the children of men, because they are a vapor.

12Blessed is the son of man whom you will chasten, LORD JEHOVAH, and you will teach him from your Law!

13And you will give him rest from evil days until a pit is dug for the wicked.

14Because LORD JEHOVAH does not abandon his people and has not forsaken his inheritance.

15Because judgment returns after The Righteous One, and after him all the upright of heart.

16Who shall stand for me with the evil and who shall be ready for me with the evildoers?

17If LORD JEHOVAH had not been a helper to me, before a little while my soul would have dwelt in misery!

18I said, "My feet have slipped, and your grace, LORD JEHOVAH, has supported me.”

19In the multitude of my heart's afflictions, your comforts have redeemed my soul!

20The throne of the evil ones will not have fellowship with you, those who have formed evil against your law.

21And they lay wait to trap the soul of the righteous and they condemn the blood of the innocent!

22And LORD JEHOVAH has been the Defender to me, the Savior, God, The Mighty One, The Helper!

23He returns their evil against them and their companions in their evils, he silences such; LORD JEHOVAH our God silences them!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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