Isaiah 19
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1The burden of Egypt. Behold, YHWH is riding on a swift thick cloud, "" And He has entered Egypt, "" And the idols of Egypt have been moved at His presence, "" And the heart of Egypt melts in its midst.

2And I armed Egyptians against Egyptians, "" And they fought, each against his brother, "" And each against his neighbor, "" City against city, kingdom against kingdom.

3And the spirit of Egypt has been emptied out in its midst. And I swallow up its counsel, "" And they have sought to the idols, "" And to the charmers, "" And to those having familiar spirits, "" And to the wizards.

4And I have delivered the Egyptians "" Into the hand of a hard lord, "" And a strong king rules over them, "" A declaration of the Lord, YHWH of Hosts.

5And waters have failed from the sea, "" And a river is desolated and dried up.

6And they have turned away the flowings, "" Brooks of the bulwark have been weak and dried up, "" Reed and flag have withered.

7Exposed things by the brook, by the edge of the brook, "" And every sown thing of the brook, has withered, "" It has been driven away, and is not.

8And the fishers have lamented, "" And all casting a hook into the brook have mourned, "" And those spreading dragnets on the face of the waters have languished.

9And makers of fine flax have been ashamed, "" And weavers of networks.

10And its foundations have been struck, "" All making wages [are] afflicted in soul.

11Only, the princes of Zoan [are] fools, "" The counsel of the wise ones of the counselors of Pharaoh has become brutish. How do you say to Pharaoh, “I am a son of the wise, a son of kings of antiquity?”

12Where [are] they now, your wise ones? Indeed, let them now tell [it] to you, "" And they know what YHWH of Hosts has counseled against Egypt!

13Princes of Zoan have been foolish, "" Princes of Noph have been lifted up, "" And they have caused Egypt to err, "" The chief of her tribes.

14YHWH has mingled in her midst "" A spirit of perverseness, "" And they have caused Egypt to err in all its work, "" As a drunkard errs in his vomit.

15And there is no work to Egypt, "" That head or tail, branch or reed, may do.

16In that day Egypt is like women, "" And it has mourned, and been afraid, "" Because of the waving of the hand of YHWH of Hosts, "" That He is waving over it. 17And the land of Judah has been to Egypt for a cause of staggering, "" Everyone who mentions it, fears for himself, "" Because of the counsel of YHWH of Hosts, "" That He is counseling against it.

18In that day there are five cities in the land of Egypt, "" Speaking the lip of Canaan, "" And swearing to YHWH of Hosts, "" “The city of destruction,” is said of one.

19In that day there is an altar to YHWH "" In the midst of the land of Egypt, "" And a standing pillar to YHWH near its border, 20And it has been for a sign and for a testimony, "" To YHWH of Hosts in the land of Egypt, "" For they cry to YHWH from the face of oppressors, "" And He sends a Savior to them, "" Even a great one, and has delivered them. 21And YHWH has been known to Egypt, "" And the Egyptians have known YHWH in that day, "" And done sacrifice and present, "" And vowed a vow to YHWH, and completed [it]. 22And YHWH has struck Egypt, striking and healing, "" And they have turned back to YHWH, "" And He has accepted their plea, "" And has healed them.

23In that day a highway is out of Egypt to Asshur, "" And the Assyrians have come into Egypt, "" And the Egyptians into Asshur, "" And the Egyptians have served with the Assyrians.

24In that day Israel is third, "" With Egypt, and with Asshur, "" A blessing in the heart of the earth. 25In that YHWH of Hosts blessed it, saying, “Blessed [is] My people—Egypt, "" And the work of My hands—Asshur, "" And My inheritance—Israel!”

Literal Standard Version
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