Isaiah 41
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1Keep silent toward Me, O islands, "" And the peoples pass on [to] power, "" They come near, then they speak, “Together we draw near to judgment.”

2Who stirred up a righteous one from the east? He calls him to His foot, "" He gives nations before him, "" And He causes him to rule kings, "" He gives [them] as dust [to] his sword, "" As driven stubble [to] his bow.

3He pursues them, he passes over in safety "" A path he does not enter with his feet.

4Who has worked and done, "" Calling the generations from the first? I, YHWH, the first, and with the last I [am] He.

5Islands have seen and fear, "" The ends of the earth tremble, "" They have drawn near, indeed, they come.

6They each help his neighbor, "" And to his brother he says, “Be strong.”

7And an artisan strengthens the refiner, "" A smoother [with] a hammer, "" Him who is beating [on] an anvil, saying, “For joining it [is] good,” "" And he strengthens it with nails, it is not moved!

8And you, O Israel, My servant, "" Jacob, whom I have chosen, "" Seed of Abraham, My lover,

9Whom I have taken hold of, from the ends of the earth, "" And from its near places I have called you, "" And I say to you, You [are] My servant, "" I have chosen you, and not rejected you.

10Do not be afraid, for I [am] with you, do not look around, for I [am] your God, "" I have strengthened you, "" Indeed, I have helped you, indeed, I upheld you, "" With the right hand of My righteousness.

11Behold, all those displeased with you, "" They are ashamed and blush, "" They are as nothing, indeed, "" The men who strive with you perish.

12You seek them, and do not find them, "" The men who debate with you, "" They are as nothing, indeed, as nothing, "" The men who war with you.

13For I, your God YHWH, "" Am strengthening your right hand, "" He who is saying to you, “Do not fear, I have helped you.”

14Do not fear, O worm Jacob, "" You men of Israel, "" I helped you, a declaration of YHWH, "" Even your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.

15Behold, I have set you for a new sharp threshing instrument, "" Possessing teeth, you thresh mountains, "" And beat small, and make hills as chaff.

16You winnow them, and a wind lifts them up, "" And a whirlwind scatters them, "" And you rejoice in YHWH, "" [And] boast yourself in the Holy One of Israel.

17The poor and the needy are seeking water, "" And there is none, "" Their tongue has failed with thirst, "" I, YHWH, answer them, "" The God of Israel—I do not forsake them.

18I open rivers on high places, "" And fountains in midst of valleys, "" I make a wilderness become a pond of water, "" And a dry land becomes springs of water.

19I give in a wilderness the cedar, "" Shittah, and myrtle, and oil-tree, "" I set in a desert the fir-pine and box-wood together.

20So that they see, and know, "" And regard, and act wisely together, "" For the hand of YHWH has done this, "" And the Holy One of Israel has created it.

21Bring your cause near, says YHWH, "" Bring your mighty ones near, says the King of Jacob.

22They bring [them] near, and declare to us that which happens, "" Declare the first things—what they [are], "" And we set our heart, and know their latter end, "" Or cause us to hear the coming things.

23Declare the things that are coming hereafter, "" And we know that you [are] gods, "" Indeed, you may do good or do evil, "" And we look around and see [it] together.

24Behold, you [are] of nothing, and your work of nothing, "" An abomination—it fixes on you.

25I have stirred up [one] from the north, "" And he comes, "" From the rising of the sun he calls in My Name, "" And he comes in [on] prefects as [on] clay, "" And as a potter treads down mire.

26Who has declared from the first, and we know? And formerly, and we say, “Righteous?” Indeed, there is none declaring, "" Indeed, there is none proclaiming, "" Indeed, there is none hearing your sayings.

27First to Zion, "" Behold, behold them, "" And to Jerusalem I give one proclaiming tidings,

28And I see that there is no man, "" Indeed, of these that there is no counselor, "" And I ask them, and they return word:

29“Behold, all of them [are] vanity, "" Their works [are] nothing, "" Their molten images [are] wind and emptiness!”

Literal Standard Version
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