Job 7
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1“Is there not warfare to man on earth? And his days as the days of a hired worker?

2As a servant desires the shadow, "" And as a hired worker expects his wage,

3So I have been caused to inherit months of vanity, "" And they numbered nights of misery to me.

4If I lay down, then I have said, When do I rise, "" And evening has been measured? And I have been full of tossings until dawn.

5My flesh has been clothed [with] worms, "" And a clod of dust, "" My skin has been shriveled and is loathsome,

6My days swifter than a loom, "" And they are consumed without hope.

7Remember that my life [is] a breath, "" My eye does not turn back to see good.

8The eye of my beholder does not behold me. Your eyes [are] on me—and I am not.

9A cloud has been consumed, and it goes, "" So he who is going down to Sheol does not come up.

10He does not turn to his house again, "" Nor does his place discern him again.

11Also I do not withhold my mouth—I speak in the distress of my spirit, I talk in the bitterness of my soul.

12Am I a sea [monster], or a dragon, "" That You set a watch over me?

13When I said, My bed comforts me, "" In my talking He takes away my couch.

14And You have frightened me with dreams, "" And You terrify me from visions,

15And my soul chooses strangling, "" Death rather than my bones.

16I have wasted away—I do not live for all time. Cease from me, for my days [are] vanity.

17What [is] man that You magnify him? And that You set Your heart to him?

18And inspect him in the mornings, "" [And] in the evenings try him?

19How long do You not look from me? You do not desist until I swallow my spittle.

20I have sinned, what do I do to You, "" O watcher of man? Why have You set me for a mark to You, "" And I am for a burden to myself—and what?

21You do not take away my transgression, "" And [do not] cause my iniquity to pass away, "" Because now, I lie down in dust, "" And You have sought me—and I am not!”

Literal Standard Version
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