Psalm 89
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1AN INSTRUCTION OF ETHAN THE EZRAHITE. Of the kind acts of YHWH, I sing for all time, "" From generation to generation I make known Your faithfulness with my mouth,

2For I said, “Kindness is built for all time, "" The heavens! You establish Your faithfulness in them.”

3I have made a covenant for My chosen, "" I have sworn to My servant David:

4“Even for all time I establish your seed, "" And have built your throne to generation and generation.” Selah.

5And the heavens confess Your wonders, O YHWH, "" Your faithfulness [is] also in an assembly of holy ones.

6For who in the sky, compares himself to YHWH? [Who] is like to YHWH among sons of the mighty?

7God is very terrible, "" In the secret counsel of His holy ones, "" And fearful over all surrounding Him.

8O YHWH, God of Hosts, "" Who [is] like You—a strong YAH? And Your faithfulness [is] around You.

9You [are] ruler over the pride of the sea, "" In the lifting up of its billows You restrain them.

10You have bruised Rahab, as one wounded. You have scattered Your enemies with the arm of Your strength.

11The heavens [are] Yours, "" The earth [is] also Yours, "" The habitable world and its fullness, "" You have founded them.

12North and south You have appointed them, "" Tabor and Hermon sing in Your Name.

13You have an arm with might, "" Strong is Your hand—high Your right hand.

14Righteousness and judgment "" [Are] the fixed place of Your throne, "" Kindness and truth go before Your face.

15O the blessedness of the people knowing the shout, "" O YHWH, they habitually walk in the light of Your face.

16They rejoice in Your Name all the day, "" And they are exalted in Your righteousness,

17For You [are] the beauty of their strength, "" And in Your good will is our horn exalted,

18For our shield [is] of YHWH, "" And our king to the Holy One of Israel.

19Then You have spoken in vision, "" To Your saint, indeed, "" You say, I have placed help on a mighty one, "" Exalted a chosen one out of the people,

20I have found My servant David, "" With My holy oil I have anointed him.

21With whom My hand is established, "" My arm also strengthens him.

22An enemy does not exact on him, "" And a son of perverseness does not afflict him.

23And I have beaten down his adversaries before him, "" And I plague those hating him,

24And My faithfulness and kindness [are] with him, "" And in My Name is his horn exalted.

25And I have set his hand on the sea, "" And his right hand on the rivers.

26He proclaims to Me: “You [are] my Father, "" My God, and the rock of my salvation.”

27I also appoint him firstborn, "" Highest of the kings of the earth.

28For all time I keep for him My kindness, "" And My covenant [is] steadfast with him.

29And I have set his seed forever, "" And his throne as the days of the heavens.

30If his sons forsake My law, "" And do not walk in My judgments;

31If they defile My statutes, "" And do not keep My commands,

32I have looked after their transgression with a rod, "" And their iniquity with strokes,

33And I do not break My kindness from him, "" Nor do I deal falsely in My faithfulness.

34I do not profane My covenant, "" And I do not change that which is going forth from My lips.

35Once I have sworn by My holiness, "" I do not lie to David,

36His seed is for all time, "" And his throne [is] as the sun before Me,

37It is established as the moon for all time, "" And the witness in the sky is steadfast. Selah.

38And You, You have cast off, and reject, "" You have shown Yourself angry with Your anointed,

39Have rejected the covenant of Your servant, "" You have defiled his crown to the earth,

40You have broken down all his hedges, "" You have made his fortifications a ruin.

41Everyone passing by the way has spoiled him, "" He has been a reproach to his neighbors,

42You have exalted the right hand of his adversaries, "" You have caused all his enemies to rejoice.

43Also—You turn back the sharpness of his sword, "" And have not established him in battle,

44Have caused [him] to cease from his brightness, "" And have cast down his throne to the earth.

45You have shortened the days of his youth, "" Have covered him over [with] shame. Selah.

46Until when, O YHWH, are You hidden? Does Your fury burn as fire forever?

47Remember how [short] my lifetime [is]. Why have You created in vain "" All the sons of men?

48Who [is] the man that lives, and does not see death? He delivers his soul from the hand of Sheol. Selah.

49Where [are] Your former kindnesses, O Lord, "" [Which] You have sworn to David in Your faithfulness?

50Remember, O Lord, the reproach of Your servants, "" I have borne in my bosom all the strivings of the peoples,

51With which Your enemies reproached, O YHWH, "" With which they have reproached "" The steps of Your anointed.

52Blessed [is] YHWH for all time. Amen and amen!

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