Job 34
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Elihu Confirms God’s Justice

1And Elihu will answer and say,

2Hear, ye wise, my words; and ye knowing, give ear to me.

3For the ear will try words, and the palate will taste of food.

4We will choose to us judgment: we shall know between ourselves what is good.

5For Job said, I was just: and God removed my judgment.

6Shall I speak falsehood against my judgment? mine arrow was desperate without transgression.

7What man as Job he will drink scoffing as water?

8Going for company with those working iniquity, and to go with men of injustice?

9For he said, It will not profit a man in delighting himself with God.

10For this, ye men of heart, hear to me: far be it to God from doing evil; and the Almighty from iniquity.

11For the work of man shall he recompense to him, and a man shall find himself according to his way.

12Also surely God will not do evil, and the Almighty will not pervert judgment.

13Who committed to him the earth? and who set up the habitable globe all of it?

14If he will set his heart to him, he will gather his spirit and his breath to him;

15All flesh shall expire together, and man shall turn back to dust.

16If now understanding, hear this: give ear to the voice of my words.

17Also shall he hating judgment, rule? and if thou wilt condemn the just mighty one?

18Saying to the king, Wickedness; (Belial) to nobles, Injustice.

19Who accepted not the face of chiefs, and looked not upon the rich one before the poor: for his hand made all of them.

20In a moment shall they die, and the middle of the night shall the people be moved and pass away: and the mighty shall be removed with not a hand.

21For his eyes are upon the ways of man, and he will see all his steps.

22Not darkness and not the shadow of death for those working iniquity to hide there.

23For he will not yet set upon man to go to God in judgment.

24He shall break in pieces the mighty, not searching out, and he will set others in their stead.

25For this he will know their work, and he turned the night, and they will be crushed.

26He struck them for the unjust in the place of those seeing;

27Who therefore turned away from after him, and they consider not all his ways,

28To cause the cry of the poor one to come to him, and he will hear the cry of the humble.

29And he will give quiet, and who shall disturb? and he will hide the face, and who shall look upon him? and against a nation and against man wholly:

30From the reigning of the profane man from the people being snared.

31For he said to God, I was lifted up, I will pervert no more.

32Besides I shall see thou wilt teach it to me: if I did iniquity, I will not add.

33Is it with thee? he will requite it, if thou didst refuse, if thou shalt choose, and not I: and what thou knewest, speak.

34Men of heart will say to me, and a wise man heard to me.

35Job will speak not with knowledge, and his word not with understanding.

36My father, Job shall be tried even to the end, for turning back with men of iniquity.

37He will add rebellion to his sin; he will clap between us, and he will multiply his words to God.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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