Acts 24
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Tertullus Prosecutes Paul

1After .v. dayes Ananias the hye preste descended with elders and with a certayne Oratour named Tartullus and enformed the ruelar of Paul. 2When Paul was called forth Tartullus beganne to accuse him saying: Seynge yt we live in great quyetnes by the meanes of the and that many good thinges are done vnto this nacion thorow thy providence: 3that alowe we ever and in all places most myghty Felix with all thankes. 4Notwithstondinge that I be not tedeous vnto the I praye the that thou woldest heare vs of thy curtesy a feawe wordes. 5We have founde this ma a pestilent felowe and a mover of debate vnto all the Iewes thorowe out the worlde and a mayntayner of ye secte of the Nazarites 6and hath also enforsed to pollute the temple. Whom we toke and wolde have iudged acordinge to oure lawe: 7but the hye captayne Lisias came vpon vs and with great violence toke him awaye out of oure hodes 8comaundinge his accusars to come vnto the. Of who thou mayst (yf thou wilt enquyre) knowe the certayne of all these thinges where of we accuse him. 9The Iewes lyke wyse affermed sayinge that it was even so.

Paul’s Defense to Felix

10Then Paul (after that the rular him selfe had beckened vnto him that he shuld speake) answered: I shall with a moare quyet minde answere for my selfe for as moche as I vnderstonde yt thou hast bene of many yeares a iudge vnto this people 11because that thou mayst knowe yt there are yet .xii. dayes sence I went vp to Ierusalem for to praye 12and that they nether founde me in the teple disputinge with eny man other raysinge vp the people nether in the Synagoges nor in the cite. 13Nether can they prove ye thinges wher of they accuse me. 14But this I confesse vnto ye that after that waye (which they call heresy) so worshippe I the God of my fathers belevinge all thinges which are writte in the lawe and ye Prophetes 15and have hope towardes God that ye same resurreccion from deeth (which they them selves loke for also) shalbe both of iust and vniust. 16And therfore stody I to have a cleare consciece towarde God and toward man also. 17But after many yeres I came and brought almes to my people and offeringes 18in the which they founde me purified in the teple nether with multitude nor yet wt vnquyetnes How beit there were certayne Iewes out of Asia 19which ought to be here present before the and accuse me yf they had ought agaynst me: 20or els let these same here saye if they have founde eny evyll doinge in me whill I stonde here in ye counsell: 21except it be for this one voyce yt I cryed stondinge amoge the of the resurreccion fro deeth am I iudged of you this daye.

The Verdict Postponed

22When Felix hearde these thinges he deferde them for he knewe very well of yt waye and sayde: when Lisias the captayne is come I will know the vtmost of youre matters. 23And he commaunded an vndercaptayne to kepe Paul and that he shuld have rest and that he shuld forbyd none of his aquayntauce to minister vnto him or to come vnto him.

24And after a certayne dayes ca Felix and his wyfe Drusilla which was a Iewas and called forth Paul and hearde him of the fayth which is toward Christ. 25And as he preached of righteousnes temperauce and iudgement to come Felix trembled and answered: thou hast done ynough at this tyme departe when I have a conveniet tyme I will sende for the. 26He hoped also that money shuld have bene geven him of Paul that he myght lowse him: wherfore he called him ye oftener and comened with him. 27But after two yeare Festus Porcius came into Felix roume. And Felix willinge to shewe ye Iewes a pleasure lefte Paul in preson bounde.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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