1 John 2
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Jesus Our Advocate

1My litle children, these thinges wryte I vnto you, that ye shulde not synne: and yf eny man synne, we haue an aduocate with the father, euen Iesus Christ which is righteous: 2and he it is that optayneth grace for oure synnes: not for oure synnes onely, but also for the synnes of all the worlde.

3And hereby are we sure that we knowe him, yf we kepe his comaundemetes. 4He that sayeth: I knowe him, and kepeth not his comaundemetes, is a lyar, and the trueth is not in him, 5But who so kepeth his worde, in him is the loue of God perfecte in dede. Hereby knowe we, that we are in him. 6He yt sayeth he abydeth in him, oughte to walke euen as he walked.

A New Commandment

7Brethren, I wryte no new commaundement vnto you, but that olde commaundement, which ye haue herde from the begynnynge. 8The olde comaundement is the worde, which ye haue herde from the begynnynge. Agayne, a new comaundemet wryte I vnto you, a thinge that is true in him & also in you: for the darknesse is past, and the true lighte now shyneth. 9He that sayeth he is in lighte, and hateth his brother, is yet in darknesse. 10He yt loueth his brother, abydeth in the lighte, and there is none occasion of euell in him. 11But he yt hateth his brother, is in darknes, and walketh in darknes, and can not tell whither he goeth, for ye darknes hath blynded his eyes.

12Babes, I wryte vnto you, that yor synnes are forgeuen you for his names sake. 13I wryte vnto you fathers, how that ye haue knowne him which is from ye begynnynge. I wryte vnto you yonge me, how that ye haue euercome the wicked. I wryte vnto you litle children, how that ye haue knowne the father. 14I haue wrytten vnto you fathers, how that ye haue knowne him, which is fro the begynnynge. I haue wrytten vnto you yonge men, how that ye are stronge, and the worde of God abydeth in you, and ye haue ouercome that wicked.

Do Not Love the World

15Se that ye loue not the worlde, nether ye thinges that are in the worlde. Yf eny man loue the worlde, the loue of the father is not in him: 16for all that is in the worlde (namely the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pryde of life) is not of the father, but of the worlde. 17And the worlde passeth awaye and the lust therof. But he that fulfylleth the wyll of God, abydeth for euer.

Beware of Antichrists

18Litle children, it is the last houre, and (as ye haue herde that Antechrist shal come) euen now are there many become Antechristes allready: wherby we knowe, that it is ye last houre. 19They wente out fro vs, but they were not of vs: for yf they had bene of vs, they wolde no doute haue contynued with vs. But that they maye be knowne, how that they are not all of vs. 20But ye haue the anoyntinge of him yt is holy, & ye knowe all thiges. 21I haue not wrytte vnto you, as though ye knewe not ye trueth but ye knowe it, & are sure, yt no lye cometh of ye trueth. 22Who is a lyar, but he yt denyeth yt Iesus is Christ? The same is ye Antichrist, yt denyeth the father & ye sonne. 23Whosoeuer denyeth the sonne, the same hath not the father.

Remain in Christ

24Loke what ye haue herde now from ye begynnynge, let the same abyde in you. Yf yt which he herde from the begynnynge shal remayne in you, then shal ye also abyde in ye sonne and in the father.

25And this is the promes yt he hath promysed vs, eue eternall life.

26This haue I wrytte vnto you cocerninge the that disceaue you. 27And the anoyntinge which ye haue receaued of him, dwelleth in you: & ye nede not yt eny ma teach you, but as the anoyntinge teacheth you all thiges, euen so is it true, & is no lye. And as it hath taughte you, eue so abide ye therin.

28And now babes, abyde in hi, yt wha he shal appeare, we maye be bolde, & not be made ashamed of him at his commynge. 29Yf ye knowe yt he is righteous, knowe also that he which doth righteousnes, is borne of him.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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