John 9
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Jesus Heals the Man Born Blind

1And Iesus passed by, and sawe a man that was borne blynde. 2And his disciples axed him, & sayde: Master, Who hath synned? this, or his elders, that he was borne blynde? 3Iesus answered: Nether hath this synned, ner his elders, but that ye workes of God shulde be shewed on him. 4I must worke the workes of him that hath sent me, whyle it is daye. The night commeth, whan no man can worke. 5As longe as I am in the worlde, I am the light of the worlde. 6Whan he had thus sayde, he spat on the grounde, and made claye of the spetle, and rubbed the claye on the eyes of the blynde, 7and sayde vnto him: Go thy waye to the pole of Syloha (which is interpretated, sent) and wash the. Then wete he his waye and wasshed him, and came seynge. 8The neghbours and they that had sene him before, that he was a begger, sayde: Is not this he that sat, and begged? 9Some sayde: It is he. Other sayde: he is like him. But he himself sayde: I am euen he. 10Then sayde they vnto him: How are thine eyes opened? 11He answered, and sayde: The ma that is called Iesus, made claye, and anoynted myne eyes, and sayde: Go thy waye to the pole of Siloha, and wash the. I wente my waye, & washed me, and receaued my sight. 12Then sayde they vnto him: Where is he? He sayde: I can not tell.

The Pharisees Investigate the Healing

13Then brought they vnto the pharises, him that a litle before was blynde 14It was the Sabbath, whan Iesus made the claye, and opened his eyes. 15Then agayne the Pharises also axed him, how he had receaued his sight. He sayde vnto the: He put claye vpon myne eyes, and I wasshed me, & now I se. 16Then sayde some of the pharises: This man is not of God, seynge he kepeth not ye Sabbath. But the other sayde: How can a synfull man do soch tokens? And there was a stryfe amonge the. 17They sayde agayne vnto ye blynde: What sayest thou of him, that he hath opened thine eyes? He sayde: he is a prophet.

18The Iewes beleued not hi, that he was blynde, and had receaued his sight, tyll they called the elders of him, that had receaued his sight, 19and they axed them, and sayde: Is this youre sonne, whom ye saye, was borne blynde? How doth he now se then? 20His elders answered them, and sayde: We knowe, that this is oure sonne, and that he was borne blynde. 21But how he now seyeth, we can not tell: or who hath opened his eyes, can we not tell. He is olde ynough himself, axe him, let him speake for him self. 22This sayde his elders, because they feared the Iewes. For the Iewes had conspyred allready, that yf eny man dyd confesse that he was Christ, the same shulde be excomunicate. 23Therfore sayde his elders: He is olde ynough, axe him.

24Then called they the ma agayne yt was blynde, and sayde vnto him: Geue God ye prayse, we knowe that this man is a synner. 25He answered, & sayde: Whether he be a synner or no, I can not tell: one thinge am I sure off, that I was blynde, and now I se. 26The sayde they vnto him agayne: What dyd he vnto the? How opened he thine eyes? 27He answered them: I tolde you right now. Herde ye it not? What, wil ye heare it agayne? Will ye also be his disciples? 28Then rayted they him, and sayde: Thou art his disciple. 29We are sure that God spake wt Moses: As for this felowe, we know not whece he is. 30The man answered, and sayde vnto the: This is a maruelous thinge, that ye wote not whence he is, and he hath opened mine eyes. 31For we knowe that God heareth not ye sinners: but yf eny ma be a fearer of God, and doth his will, him heareth he. 32Sens ye worlde beganne was it not herde, that eny man opened the eyes of one that was borne blynde. 33Yf this man were not of God, he coulde haue done nothinge. 34They answered, and sayde vnto him: Thou art alltogether borne in synne, and teachest thou vs? And they thrust him out.

Spiritual Blindness

35Iesus herde, yt they had thrust him out, and wha he had founde him, he sayde vnto him: Beleuest thou on the sonne of God? 36He answered, and sayde: LORDE, who is it, yt I might beleue on him? 37Iesus sayde vnto him: Thou hast sene him, and he it is, that talketh with the. 38He sayde: LORDE, I beleue. And he worshipped him. 39And Iesus sayde: I am come to iudgmet in to this worlde, that they which se not, might se: and that they which se, might be made blynde. 40And some of the Pharises yt were with him, herde this, and sayde vnto him: Are we then blynde also? 41Iesus sayde vnto the: Yf ye were blynde, ye shulde haue no synne. But now that ye saye, we se, therfore youre sonne remayneth.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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