1646. elachistos
Strong's Concordance
elachistos: least (in size, amount, dignity, etc.)
Original Word: ἐλάχιστος, ίστη, ιστον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: elachistos
Phonetic Spelling: (el-akh'-is-tos)
Definition: least (in size, amount, dignity, etc.)
Usage: least, smallest, but perhaps oftener in the weaker sense: very little, very small.
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1646 eláxistos – the superlative (-est form) of 3398 /mikrós ("small") meaning "the very least, smallest."

Lk 16:10: "He who is faithful in a very little (1646 /eláxistos) thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little (1646 /eláxistos) thing is unrighteous also in much" (NASU).

Lk 19:17: "And he said to him, 'Well done, good slave, because you have been faithful in a very little (1646 /eláxistos) thing, you are to be in authority over ten cities' " (NASU).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
superl. of elachus (little), also used as superl. to mikros
least (in size, amount, dignity, etc.)
NASB Translation
least (6), smallest (1), very least (1), very little thing (4), very small (1), very small thing (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 1646: ἐλάχιστος

ἐλάχιστος, ἐλαχίστη, ἐλάχιστον (superlative of the adjective μικρός, but coming from ἐλαχύς) ((Homer h. Merc. 573), Herodotus down), smallest, least — whether in size: James 3:4; in amount: of the management of affairs, πιστός ἐν ἐλαχίστῳ, Luke 16:10 (opposed to ἐν πολλῷ); ; ἐν ἐλαχίστῳ ἄδικος, Luke 16:10; in importance: what is of the least moment, 1 Corinthians 6:2; in authority: of commandments, Matthew 5:19; in the estimation of men: of persons, Matthew 25:40, 45; in rank and excellence: of persons, Matthew 5:19; 1 Corinthians 15:9; of a town, Matthew 2:6. οὐδέ (R G οὔτε) ἐλάχιστον, not even a very small thing, Luke 12:26; ἐμοί εἰς ἐλάχιστον, ἐστι (see εἰμί, V. 2 c.), 1 Corinthians 4:3.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
least, very little, smallest.

Superlative of elachus (short); used as equivalent to mikros; least (in size, amount, dignity, etc.) -- least, very little (small), smallest.

see GREEK mikros

Forms and Transliterations
ελάχιστα ελαχιστη ελαχίστη ἐλαχίστη ελαχίστης ελάχιστοι ελαχιστον ελάχιστον ελάχιστόν ἐλάχιστον ἐλάχιστόν ελαχιστος ελάχιστος ἐλάχιστος ελαχιστου ελαχίστου ἐλαχίστου ελαχιστω ελαχίστω ἐλαχίστῳ ελαχιστων ελαχίστων ἐλαχίστων elachiste elachistē elachíste elachístē elachisto elachistō elachístoi elachístōi elachiston elachistōn elachíston elachístōn eláchiston eláchistón elachistos eláchistos elachistou elachístou
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 2:6 Adj-NFS
GRK: Ἰούδα οὐδαμῶς ἐλαχίστη εἶ ἐν
KJV: art not the least among the princes
INT: of Judah in no way least are among

Matthew 5:19 Adj-GFP
GRK: τούτων τῶν ἐλαχίστων καὶ διδάξῃ
NAS: one of the least of these
KJV: one of these least commandments, and
INT: of these the least and shall teach

Matthew 5:19 Adj-NMS
GRK: τοὺς ἀνθρώπους ἐλάχιστος κληθήσεται ἐν
NAS: shall be called least in the kingdom
KJV: he shall be called the least in
INT: the others least he will be called in

Matthew 25:40 Adj-GMP
GRK: μου τῶν ἐλαχίστων ἐμοὶ ἐποιήσατε
NAS: of Mine, [even] the least [of them], you did
KJV: [it] unto one of the least of these
INT: of me the least to me you did [it]

Matthew 25:45 Adj-GMP
GRK: τούτων τῶν ἐλαχίστων οὐδὲ ἐμοὶ
NAS: it to one of the least of these,
KJV: to one of the least of these,
INT: of these the least neither to me

Luke 12:26 Adj-ANS
GRK: οὖν οὐδὲ ἐλάχιστον δύνασθε τί
NAS: do even a very little thing, why
KJV: able to do that thing which is least, why
INT: therefore not even [the] least you are able [to do] why

Luke 16:10 Adj-DNS
GRK: πιστὸς ἐν ἐλαχίστῳ καὶ ἐν
NAS: He who is faithful in a very little thing
KJV: in that which is least is
INT: [is] faithful with very little also with

Luke 16:10 Adj-DNS
GRK: ὁ ἐν ἐλαχίστῳ ἄδικος καὶ
NAS: in a very little thing is faithful
KJV: in the least is
INT: the [one who] with very little [is] unrighteous also

Luke 19:17 Adj-DNS
GRK: ὅτι ἐν ἐλαχίστῳ πιστὸς ἐγένου
NAS: faithful in a very little thing, you are to be in authority
KJV: in a very little, have
INT: because in very little faithful you were

1 Corinthians 4:3 Adj-ANS
GRK: δὲ εἰς ἐλάχιστόν ἐστιν ἵνα
NAS: But to me it is a very small thing that I may be examined
INT: moreover to the smallest matter it is that

1 Corinthians 6:2 Adj-GNP
GRK: ἐστε κριτηρίων ἐλαχίστων
NAS: by you, are you not competent [to] [constitute] the smallest law courts?
KJV: to judge the smallest matters?
INT: are you of judgments the smallest

1 Corinthians 15:9 Adj-NMS
GRK: εἰμι ὁ ἐλάχιστος τῶν ἀποστόλων
NAS: For I am the least of the apostles,
KJV: I am the least of the apostles, that
INT: am the least of the apostles

James 3:4 Adj-GNS
GRK: μετάγεται ὑπὸ ἐλαχίστου πηδαλίου ὅπου
NAS: are still directed by a very small rudder
KJV: with a very small helm,
INT: are turned about by a very small rudder whenever

Strong's Greek 1646
13 Occurrences

ἐλαχίστη — 1 Occ.
ἐλαχίστῳ — 3 Occ.
ἐλαχίστων — 4 Occ.
ἐλάχιστον — 2 Occ.
ἐλάχιστος — 2 Occ.
ἐλαχίστου — 1 Occ.

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