1 Kings 2
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1And the days for David to die came near, and commanded Solomon his son and said to him: 2“I shall go in the way of all the Earth. Be strong and be a man. 3And keep the charge of LORD JEHOVAH your God and walk in his ways and keep his statutes and his commandments and his judgments and his testimony, according to what is written in the law of Moshe, so that you will prosper in all things that you will do, and wherever you will go you shall prosper. 4So that LORD JEHOVAH will confirm his statement that he spoke concerning me: ‘If your children will guard their ways to walk before me in the truth from all their heart and from all their soul, saying, “There will not depart from you a man who sits on the throne of Israel.”

5And now you know what Yuab, son of Tsuriah did to me and what he did to the two Generals of the armies of Israel, to Abnir, son of Nir and to Amasa, son of Yathar whom he killed, and considered them as in battle, and he poured out their blood by the sword that was on his waist, and he trampled it with the sandals of his feet. 6And do to him according to your wisdom, and his old age shall not go down in peace to Sheol. 7And perform grace with the sons of Barzali the Galadite, and they shall be of those eating at your table, because they ministered to me in all things when I fled from before Abishlum your brother. 8And behold, Shemei, son of Gera with you from the tribe of Benyamin from the house of Khurim, and he insulted me with bitter insults in the day that I went to Makhnim, and he went down to meet me at the Jordan, and I swore to him by LORD JEHOVAH God, and I said to him: “I shall not kill you with the sword.” 9Now you shall not pronounce him innocent, for you are a wise man and know what that you will do to him, and return his foolishness on his head and bring down his old age in blood to Sheol.”

10And David fell asleep with his fathers and he was buried in the city of David. 11And the days when David reigned over Israel were forty years. In Khebruun he reigned seven years and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty and three years. 12And Solomon sat on the throne of David his father, and his kingdom was greatly established

13And Aduniah, son of Khagith came to Bathsheba the mother of Solomon, and she said to him: “Is your coming in peace?” And he said, “Peace!” 14And he said to her: “I have a matter to speak with you.” She said to him, “Speak.” 15He said to her: “You know that I had the right to the kingdom, and all Israel set their faces toward me to be King, and the kingdom was taken from me, and it was my brother’s, because it was for him from LORD JEHOVAH. 16And now one request I ask you; do not turn away my face.” And she said to him: “Speak.” 17He said to her: “Speak to King Solomon, for he will not turn away your presence, and he will give to me Abishag the Shilumite as a wife.” 18And Bathsheba said: “I shall speak well for you to the King.”

19And Bathsheba went into King Solomon to speak to him for Aduniah, and the King stood to meet her, and he bowed to her and sat down on his throne, and they set a throne for the mother of the King, and she sat at his right. 20And she said: “One small request I ask of you. Do not turn away my face.” And the King said to her: “Ask me, mother, for I will not turn away your face.” 21And she said to him: “Let Abishag the Shilumite be given to Aduniah your brother as a wife.” 22And King Solomon answered and said to his mother: “Why have you asked me Abishag the Shilumite for Aduniah, unless you request the kingdom for him, because he is my brother who is older than I, and Abiathar the Priest and Yuab, son of Tsuria are for him?” 23And King Solomon swore by LORD JEHOVAH and said: “Thus God shall do to me and thus he will add to me if Aduniah has not spoken this response against his life! 24And now LORD JEHOVAH lives who set me up and he put me on the throne of David my Father, and made for me a household according to what he said, but today Aduniah will be killed!” 25And King Solomon sent Benaiah, son of Yawida and he met with him and he killed him.

26And the King said to Abiathar the Priest: “Go to Anathuth to your field, because you are a man condemned to death, and today I shall not kill you, because you have carried the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH before David my father, and you suffered shame in every place where my father suffered shame.” 27And Solomon brought out Abiathar that he would not be Priest to LORD JEHOVAH, so that the word of LORD JEHOVAH would be fulfilled that he had spoken against the house of Eli in Shilo.

28And news arrived to Yuab that Aduniah was killed, because Yuab was inclined after Aduniah and was not inclined after Solomon, and Yuab fled to the Tabernacle of LORD JEHOVAH, and he seized refuge on the horns of the altar. 29And they revealed to the King Solomon that Yuab fled to the Tabernacle of LORD JEHOVAH and seized refuge on the horns of the altar, and King Solomon sent Benaiah, son of Yawida and said to him: “Go, fall upon him.” 30And Benaiah entered the Tabernacle of LORD JEHOVAH and said to him: “Thus says the King: “Go out!” And he said: “I am not going out, but I die here!” and Benaiah returned the answer to the King, and he said, “In this way Yuab spoke and thus he answered me.” 31And the King said: “Do to him according to what he said, and attack him and kill him, and I shall take away from me and from the house of my father the innocent blood that Yuab shed 32And LORD JEHOVAH shall turn away his blood on his head, because he attacked two men who were righteous and better than he, and he killed them by the sword, and my father David did not know it Abnir, son of Nir, the General of the army of Israel, and Amasa, son of Yathar, the General of the army of Yehuda. 33And he shall return their blood on the head of Yuab and on the head of his seed for eternity, and to David and to his seed and to his household and to his throne there shall be peace for eternity from before LORD JEHOVAH.” 34And Benaiah, son of Yawida came up and attacked him and he killed him, and he was buried in his tomb in the wilderness. 35And King Solomon appointed Benaiah, son of Yawida in his place over the army, and the King appointed Tsaduq the Priest in the place of Abiathar.

36And the King sent and he called Shemei and said to him: “Build yourself a house in Jerusalem and dwell there, and do not go out from there to here or there. 37And in the day that you go out and cross over the Torrent of Qedrown, know surely that you shall die and your blood shall be on your head.” 38And Shemei said to the King: “The word that you have spoken is good, my Lord King, so your Servant shall do.” And Shemei dwelt in Jerusalem for many days

39And after three years, two of the Servants of Shimei fled to Akish, the son of Maaka, the King of Gath, and they revealed it to Shemei and they said to him: “Behold, your Servants are in Gath.” 40And Shemei arose and he saddled his donkey and he went on to Gath to Akish to seek his Servants, and Shemei went on and he brought his Servants from Gath. 41And they told King Solomon that Shemei went from Jerusalem to Gath and returned. 42And the King sent and called for Shemei and he said to him: “Did I not swear to you by LORD JEHOVAH and I swore to you and I said: ‘In the day that you will go out of Jerusalem and you will cross the Torrent of Qedrown, know surely that you shall die.’, and you said, ‘It is an excellent answer; so I shall do’? 43Why have you not kept the oath of LORD JEHOVAH and the command that I have commanded you?” 44And the King said to Shemei: “You know all the evil that your heart has known what you have done to David my father. 45And LORD JEHOVAH has returned your evils on your head, and King Solomon shall be blessed, and the throne of David shall be established before LORD JEHOVAH for eternity.” 46And the King commanded Benaiah, son of Yawida, and he went out, he attacked him and he died, and the kingdom was established in the hand of Solomon.

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