2 Samuel 11
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1And at the turning of the year at the time of the going forth of Kings, David sent Yuab and his Servants with him and all Israel and they camped by Rabbath and David was dwelling in Jerusalem

2And at the time of evening, David arose from his bed and he walked on the roof of the house of his kingdom, and he saw one woman when she bathed, and the appearance of the woman was very beautiful 3And David sent and inquired about the woman, and they said: “This is Barthsheba, daughter of Akhinam, the wife of Uriah the Khitite” 4And David sent a Messenger and he took her, and she came into him and he lay with her when she had washed from her menstrual uncleanness, and she returned again and she went to her house 5And the woman conceived and she sent, she told David and she said to him: “I am pregnant"

6And David sent for Yuab and sent word to him: “Send me Uriah the Khitite.” And Yuab sent Uriah the Khitite to David 7And Uriah came to David, and David asked Uriah about Yuab, and about the people and about the war 8And David said to Uriah: “Go down to your house and wash your feet.” And Uriah went out from the house of the King, and a gift of the King went out after him 9And Uriah lay at the gate of the King at the side of all the Servants of his Lord, and he did not go down to his house 10And they told David that Uriah had not gone to his house, and David said to Uriah: “Behold, you have come from the road. Why have you not gone down to your house?” 11Uriah said to David: “The ark of the covenant of LORD JEHOVAH and Israel and Yehuda sit in huts, and my Lord Yuab and the Servants of my Lord camp on the face of the field, and should I go to my house and should I eat and should I drink and should I lay with my wife? Not on your life, and not on the life of your soul! I am not doing so!” 12David said to Uriah: “Stay here today, and tomorrow I shall send you.” And Uriah stayed in Jerusalem that day 13And the next day David called him and he ate before him and he drank and he became drunk and he went out at evening, and he slept at the side of the Servants of his Lord, and he did not go down to his house

14And at dawn David wrote a letter to Yuab, and he sent it by the hand of Uriah 15And he wrote to him: “Put Uriah at the front of the army of the battle, and turn yourselves from behind him that he will be wounded and he will die” 16And as Yuab camped by the city, he appointed Uriah to a place where he knew that mighty men were 17And men of the city went out and they fought with Yuab, and some of the people of the Servants of David fell there, and also Uriah the Khitite died 18And Yuab sent and he told David everything that happened in the battle 19And Yuab commanded the Messenger and he said to him: “Whenever you are done telling the King everything that happened in the battle 20If it is that the anger of the King arises and he says to you: “Why did you come near to the city to fight with it? Did you not know that they shoot from the wall? 21Who killed Abimelek son of NeduBaal? Was it not a woman who cast on him a fragment of upper millstone of the millstone from the wall, and he died? Why did you come near to the wall?” If he says these things to you, say to him: “Also your Servant Uriah the Khitite is dead”

22And the Messenger went and he told David everything that Yuab had commanded him 23And the Messenger said to David: “The men prevailed against us and they came out against us to the field, and we attacked them unto the gates of the city 24And those who stood upon the wall shot and some of your Servants died, oh King, and also your Servant Uriah the Khitite is dead!” 25And David said to the Messenger: “Say to Yuab, “Do not let it be evil in your eyes concerning this or that, just so it happens in battle. Strengthen the battle against the city and take it and overthrow it!”

26And the wife of Uriah the Khitite heard her husband had died, and she mourned for her husband 27And the days of her mourning passed, and David sent and he brought her to his house, and she was to him a wife, and she gave birth to a son by him, and the deed that David had done was evil before LORD JEHOVAH

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