2 Samuel 12
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1And LORD JEHOVAH sent Nathan the Prophet to David, and he came to him and he said to him: “There were two men in one city, one rich and one poor

2The rich man had sheep and very many oxen

3And the poor man had nothing except only one little ewe lamb which he had bought, and she had lived with him and with his children as one. From his food she would eat and she was drinking from his cup, and she was sleeping on his chest, and she had become like a daughter to him

4A guest came to the rich man and he spared to take from his oxen and from his sheep to prepare for his guest who had come to him, and he took the ewe lamb of that poor man and he prepared it for his guest who had come to him

5Then David was enraged against the man and he said: “As LORD JEHOVAH lives, that man is condemned to death who did this! 6He shall pay for the ewe lamb fourfold, because he did so and he had no pity!

7Nathan said to David: “You are that man! Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel: “‘I anointed you that you will reign over my people Israel, and I saved you from the hands of Shaul 8And I gave you the daughters of your Master and the wives of your Master I made to lie in your bosom, and I gave you the daughters of Israel and Yehuda, but if you had said they were few, I would have added to you such as these and such as these! 9Why have you treated as madness the commandment of LORD JEHOVAH, and have done what is evil before LORD JEHOVAH? Uriah the Khitite you have murdered with the sword and his wife you have taken to yourself as a wife, and him you killed with the sword of the sons of Amun! 10Therefore the sword shall not depart from your house until eternity, because you have wronged me, and you took the wife of Uriah the Khitite that she would be to you a wife 11Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “Behold I raise up evil against you from your house and I shall take your wives before your eyes and I shall give them to your neighbor, and he shall lie with them before the eye of this sun 12You have done secretly and I shall do it this before the eye of all Israel and before the sun!"

13And David said to Nathan: “I have sinned before LORD JEHOVAH!” Nathan said to David “Also LORD JEHOVAH has taken away your evil doing. You shall not die! 14However, because there will be boasting to the enemies of LORD JEHOVAH in this deed, also the son who will be born to you from her shall surely die” 15And Nathan went to his house, and LORD JEHOVAH struck the boy whom the wife of Uriah the Khitite delivered to David, and he was sick 16And David begged from God for the sake of the boy, and David fasted a fast and spent the night in it and he lay on the ground 17And the Elders of his household arose to raise him up from the ground, and he was not willing, and he did not eat bread with them 18And on the seventh day the boy died, and the Servants of David were afraid to tell him that the boy died, because they said: “When the boy was living, they spoke to him and he was not listening to them, how shall we say to him, ‘Behold, the boy is dead?’ He will cause harm!” 19And when David saw his Servants that they whispered, David understood that the boy was dead, and David said to his Servants: “Is the boy dead?” They said to him, “He is dead.” 20And David arose from the ground and washed and he anointed himself and changed his clothes and entered the house of LORD JEHOVAH and worshiped, and he came to his house and asked for bread and they set it out and he ate

21His Servants said to him: “What is this you have done? When the boy was alive, you were fasting and praying, and when he died you arose to eat bread!” 22David said to them: “When the boy lived, I was fasting and praying because I was saying, ‘Who knows if God has compassion for him and the boy lives?” 23Therefore, because he is dead, why would I fast? Is he able to return again? I shall go to him and he cannot come to me”

24And David comforted Barth Sheba his wife and went into her and he lay with her and she gave birth to a son and she called his name Shleimun, and LORD JEHOVAH loved the boy . 25And he sent for Nathan the Prophet and he called his name Yadida, because LORD JEHOVAH loved him

26And Yuab fought with Rabbath of the sons of Amun and seized the city of the kingdom 27And Yuab sent Messengers to David and he said: “I have fought with Rabbath and also I have seized the city of the kingdom 28Now assemble the rest of the people and come encamp against the city and seize it. Shall I seize the city and will my name be called upon it?” 29And David assembled all the people and he went to Rabbath and fought with it and seized it 30And he took the crown of their King from his head which was weighed a talent of gold, and there were precious stones on it, and it was placed on the head of David, and he brought the spoil of the city, a great abundance 31And he brought out the people that were in it and put them in bands of iron and in chains and made pass them through the measuring line, and so he did to all the cities of the sons of Amun, and David returned, and all the people to Jerusalem

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