2 Samuel 23
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1These are the last words of David. David said, the son of Iyshay said, the man who lifted up the yoke beam of his Messiah and the God of Yaqub, composing the sweet Psalms of Israel*

2The Spirit of LORD JEHOVAH spoke by me and his word was upon my tongue

3The God of Israel spoke and said to me: “The Mighty One of Israel, he who is authorized among men is righteous, who is authorized in the awe of God

4Like the light of the morning whenever the sun rises, a morning without clouds, from twilight before dawn and from the rain that makes the land sprout

5My household is not thus with God, and he has set for me the eternal covenant and prepared and kept everything, because all my will and all my decree is finished

6And all of the evil ones are like hard thorns, because it is not with hands they are all taken

7And whenever a man comes near to them, with handle of an ax and with iron he gathers them and they burn in the fire for a resting place”

8And these are the names of the men of David: Sitting in the first seat, in the third rank his name was Gadkhu, a man who went down and he killed eight hundred slain ones in one hour 9After him, Eliazar, son of the brother of his father, when he went down with three warriors with David when the Philistines defied them, and they gathered there to make war and the men of Israel went up 10And he arose and destroyed the Philistines until his hand was exhausted, and his hand stuck to the hilt of his sword, and LORD JEHOVAH performed salvation on that day, and the people returned after him to plunder the slain

11After him Shema, son of Aga, from Tur Malka, arose when the Philistines were assembled to plunder the cattle and there was there one yoke of land where lentils were sown, and the people fled from before the Philistines 12And he stood inside the field and he saved the cattle and destroyed the Philistines, and LORD JEHOVAH performed great salvation by his hand

13And three of the mighty men went down, and they came in the time of harvest to David to the cave of Arlam, and the cattle of the Philistines were loose in the Plain of the Giants 14And David was staying then in Metsruth, and the Princes of the Philistines were camping in Bayth Lekhem 15And David lusted and he said: “I am desiring that I would drink water from the great well that is in the city Bayth Lekhem!” 16And three warriors broke through the camp of the Philistines and filled up with the water from the great well that is in the city Bayth Lekhem, and they took and they brought to David and he was not willing to drink them, and he poured them out before LORD JEHOVAH 17And he said: “Forbid me from before LORD JEHOVAH that I would do this by the blood of their lives!” These men went and he was unwilling to drink them. These things the three Warriors did

18And Abishi the brother of Yuab, son of Tsuriya, he was Chief of thirty Warriors, and he drew the sword against three hundred slain and he was Chief of the thirty 19And of the thirty he was honored and he was Chief over them, and he achieved victory like the thirty

20Benaiya, son of Yuyada, the Warrior and mighty man of the army from Qabtsayel, whose works were beautiful deeds and he killed two mighty men of the Moabites and he went down and he killed a lion inside the forest on a day of snow 21And he killed a mighty Egyptian man, a mighty man beautiful of appearance, and there was a sword in the hand of the Egyptian, and he came down against him with a staff, and he took the sword from the hand of the Egyptian, and he killed him with his sword 22These things did Benaiya, son of Yuyada, and he had a name and glory among the thirty Warriors 23And he had achieved glory like the thirty mighty men, and David made him go out and come in

24Shayel, the brother of Yuab, among the thirty Warriors 25Shemma who was from Tur Malka 26Khalats, who was from Pelet, Ira, son of Qis, who was from Tequ 27Abiazar, who was from Natuth, Mebni, who was from Khushath 28Tsalmun, who was from Tur Baytha, Mahar, who was from Toopha 29Khalab, son of Baana, who was from Netupheth, Athi, son of Rabbi from Ramtha, of the sons of Benyamin 30Benaia, son of Prathun from Gebea, Khedi, who was from Nekhelgesh 31Abi, son of Abayalmoon, who was from Gelad, Erbuth, who was from Khurim 32Elkhana, who was from Shelab, Yunathan, who was from Bayth Nashur 33Shemma, which was from Tur Zaythey, Akhim, son of Ashir who was from Adri 34Eliphlat, son of Khusabi, who was from Makath, Eliam, son of Akhithuphil the Galyunite 35Khetsri, who was from Tur Karmela, Gadi, who was from Arub 36Negayel, son of Nathan, which was from Tsaba, Baana, who was from Gad 37Tseleq, who was from Amun, Nakhri, which was from Bruthi, Armor Bearer of the armor of Yuab, son of Tsuriya 38Khira, who was from Yathir, Arab, which was from Lekhish 39Uriah the Khitite, all of them the Servants of David, thirty and seven in number

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