Hebrews 9
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1But in the first there was an order of ministry and a worldly sanctuary. 2For the first Tabernacle that was made there had the Manorah and the table of showbread, and it was called The Holy Place. 3But the inner Tabernacle from within the second veil was called The Holy of Holies. 4And there was in it the golden place of incense and The Ark of the Covenant, all overlaid with gold, and it had a pot of gold in which was manna and the Rod of Aaron which budded, and The Tablets of The Covenant. 5And above, the cherubim of glory, which shrouded over the mercy seat; but there is no time for us to speak about each one of these things which were thus fashioned.

6But The Priests were always entering the outer Tabernacle and performing their ministry, 7But The High Priest would enter the inner Tabernacle once a year by himself with blood, which he was offering in the place of his soul and in the place of the evil doing of the people. 8But by this The Spirit of Holiness had taught that the way of holiness had not yet been revealed, as long as the first Tabernacle was standing. 9And this was a symbol for that time in which gifts and sacrifices were offered, which were not able to perfect the conscience of him who offers them, 10Except in food and drink only, and in various washings, which are ordinances of the flesh that are established until the time of reformation.

11But The Messiah who has come has become The High Priest of the good things that he did, and he entered The Great and Perfect Tabernacle which is not made with hands, and was not from these created things. 12And he did not enter with blood of yearling goats and of calves, but with his own blood he entered the holy place one time and has achieved eternal redemption. 13For if the blood of kids and of calves and the ashes of a heifer were sprinkled on those who were defiled and it sanctified them for the purifying of their flesh, 14How much more therefore, will the blood of The Messiah, who by The Eternal Spirit offered himself without blemish to God, purify our conscience from dead works that we may serve THE LIVING GOD?

15Because of this, he is The Mediator of The New Covenant, for in his death he is salvation to those who violated The First Covenant, that we, those who were called to eternal inheritance, would receive The Promise. 16For where there is a testament, it shows the death of him who made it; 17But it is only valid concerning one who is dead, because as long as he who made it lives, there is no use for it. 18Because of this, not even the first was established without blood. 19For when the entire ordinance which was in The Law had been commanded by Moses to the people, Moses took the blood of a heifer and water with scarlet wool, and hyssop, and sprinkled upon the scrolls and upon all the people. 20And he said to them, “This is the blood of The Covenant which was commanded you by God.” 21Also he sprinkled blood upon the Tabernacle and upon all the vessels of the ministry, 22Because all things are purged by blood in The Written Law, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.

23For it is necessary that these things which are symbols of the Heavenly are purified by these things, but the Heavenly by better sacrifices than these. 24For it was not The Holy Place made by hands that The Messiah entered, and which was the symbol of the real one, but he entered Heaven to appear before the face of God in our place; 25And not that he should offer himself many times, as The High Priest was doing and entered The Holy Place every year with blood that was not his; 26Otherwise, he ought to have suffered many times from the beginning of the world, but now in the end of the world, he has offered himself one time to destroy sin by his sacrifice. 27And just as it is appointed to the children of men to die once, and after their deaths the judgment, 28In this way also, The Messiah was offered one time and he slaughtered in his Person the sins of the many, but the second time he appears without our sins, for the life of those who expect him. Hebrews

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