Hosea 13
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1When Aphreim was speaking he was trembling, and he was great in Israel, and he was condemned in Baal and he died

2And now they have added to sin and they have made for themselves a molten image from their silver in their likeness, an idol, the work of a Carpenter, and they were saying to them: ”Sacrifice children of men and kiss the calf”

3Because of this, they shall be as a cloud of the morning and like dew that is early, and it passed by and like a straw that flies from the granary and like smoke from a window

4I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God who brought you out from the land of Egypt; you shall not know a god outside of me and there is none who saves but I

5I shepherded you in the wilderness in a desolate land without inhabitant

6And I fed them and they filled their belly, and their heart was lifted up; because of this they have forgotten me

7And I have been to them like a lion and like a leopard on the road of Assyria

8I shall meet with them like a bear that is wounded and I shall seek the membrane of their heart, and a lion will eat them there, and a wild beast shall tear them to pieces

9You have corrupted yourselves, Israel; who will help you?

10Where is, therefore, your King? Let him save you and all your cities, and your Judge whom you asked of me. And you said: ”Give me a King and a Ruler!”

11And I gave you a King in my passion, and I have taken him in my anger

12The evil of Aphreim is bound up and his sin is secret

13Pains as of a woman in labor will come upon him; because he is a son that is not wise, therefore he shall not remain in the pains of bearing children

14From the hand of Sheol I shall redeem them, and from death I shall save them. Where is therefore your victory, death? Oh, where is your sting, Sheol? Comfort is hidden from my eyes

15Because he shall separate between brothers, the East wind of LORD JEHOVAH will come from the wilderness; it shall come up and shall destroy its wells and shall dry up its springs, and he will plunder the treasury of all vessels of desire

16Samaria shall be condemned because she was embittered against God; by the sword they shall fall and their infants shall be dashed in pieces and their pregnant women shall be ripped up

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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