Isaiah 1
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1The vision of Eshaiya, son of Amuts, that he saw about Yehuda and about Jerusalem in the days of Uzzia and Yotham and Ahaz and Khezeqia, Kings of Judea

2Listen, Heaven, and pay attention, Earth, because LORD JEHOVAH has spoken: “I have raised and I have exalted children, and those have risen up against me

3The bull knows his owner and the male donkey the stall of his Master, and Israel does not know, nor have my people understood

4Woe to the sinner nation! The nation grows an evil seed doing evil, corrupt children. You have forsaken LORD JEHOVAH and you have angered the Holy One of Israel, and you have turned your back

5Why will you again be destroyed and will you add to being punished? All the head is for illness and all the heart for sorrow

6From the sole of the foot and unto the brain there is no sound place in it; there are wounds and sores and plagues of tumors not bound, neither bandaged, neither are they softened with oil

7Your land is desolate and your cities burn in fire. Foreigners consume your land near you, and it is a desolation like the ruin of foreigners

8The daughter of Zion was blackened as a hut in a vineyard, and like a booth in a cucumber garden and like a besieged city

9And if LORD JEHOVAH of hosts had not left to us a survivor, we would have been as Sadom and we would have been like Amora

10Hear the response of LORD JEHOVAH, Rulers of Sadom, and pay attention to the law of our God, people of Amora

11”Why were the abundance of your sacrifices to me, says LORD JEHOVAH? I am filled with sacrifices of rams and fat of fatlings, and the blood of oxen and of lambs and of goats I have not desired

12When you will come to see my face, who desires these things from your hands to tread my courts?

13You shall not continue to bring to me worthless savor offerings. It is disgusting to me. At the first of the months and on the Sabbath you assemble an assembly. I will not eat something from depravity or from a siege.

14The beginning of your months and your feasts my soul has hated. They have been upon me for a burden; I am weary to bear them

15When you spread your hands, I shall turn away my eyes from you; even though you will multiply prayers, I will not hear; your hands are filled with blood

16Wash and be purified and remove the evil of your works from before my eyes; cease from evil

17And learn to do good. Search for judgment and do good to the oppressed; do justice for orphans and do justice for widows

18And come, we shall speak with each other, says LORD JEHOVAH, and if your sins will be as scarlet, they will be white as snow, and if they turn red as scarlet dye, they shall be as wool

19And if you will obey and you will listen to me, you shall eat the good of the Earth

20And if you will not obey and you will contend, by the sword you shall be consumed. The mouth of LORD JEHOVAH has spoken

21How has the faithful city become a whore, that was full of justice and righteousness, and now murderers are lodging in it!

22Your silver is rejected; your tavern wines are mixed with water

23Your Princes are rebellious and are partners of thieves; all of them love a bribe and they hurry to reward corruptions; for the orphans they do not execute justice, and the justice of the widow does not come into them

24Because of this, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS of Armies, The Mighty One of Israel: ‘Woe! I am repaid by my haters and I am avenged of my enemies!

25And I shall turn my hand against you and I shall punish your rebels to purge them, and I shall remove all your evils

26And I shall raise up your justice as that from former time and your Counselors as that from in front of us, and after this you shall be called The City of Righteousness and The City of Faith.

27Zion shall be redeemed in judgment and her captivity in righteousness

28And the ruin of the evil and of sinners as one, and those who have forsaken LORD JEHOVAH, they shall be consumed

29Because they will be ashamed of the idols for which they lusted and they shall ashamed of the hiding places that they chose

30Because they will be as the oak that sheds its leaves and like a garden that has no water

31And their strength will become linen and their works sparks, and both shall burn as one, and there is none who extinguishes’”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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