Isaiah 49
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1Be silent, islands, and pay attention, peoples from a distance. LORD JEHOVAH called me, and from the womb and from the belly of my mother he remembered my name .

2He made my mouth as a sharp sword and in the shadow of his hand he concealed me. He has made me as a choice arrow and in his quiver he hid me

3And he said to me: “You are my Servant, Israel; in you I am glorified! �

4And I have not said to the seed of Yaqob, ‘I have labored for nothing and I have given my power to futility.’ Truly my judgment is before LORD JEHOVAH and my work is before my God”

5Now, thus says LORD JEHOVAH who formed me in the womb: “I shall be to him a Servant and I shall turn Yaqob to him and Israel I shall gather.” I was glorified before LORD JEHOVAH and my God was my strength

6And he said: “Is it a small thing that you shall be a Servant to me, and you shall raise the tribes of Yaqob and you shall return the grafting of Israel? I have given you a light for the nations that you may be my salvation unto the ends of the Earth”

7Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, The Holy One of Israel, and his Savior to him whose soul is despised, to him who is rejected from the people and from the Servants of Rulers: “Kings shall see and shall rise and Rulers shall bow down to him, because of LORD JEHOVAH who is faithful, The Holy One of Israel who has chosen you”

8Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “In a time of pleasure I have answered you and in the day of salvation I have helped you, and I have formed you, and I have given you a covenant to the people and light to the nations, that you will establish the Earth and you will inherit the inheritance of desolations

9And you shall say to the prisoners: "Go out!”, and to those shut in, “Be revealed!" They shall feed on the roads and their flocks in all the streets

10They will not hunger and they will not thirst, and heat or the sun does not hurt them, because their Lover will lead them, and to fountains of waters he shall bring them

11I shall make all the mountains highways and the streets shall be exalted

12These will come from a distance, and those from the North, and these from the Sea, and from the Sea of Sinim

13Sing, Oh Heavens and dance, Oh Earth! Celebrate, oh mountains, in song, because LORD JEHOVAH has comforted his people and loves on his afflicted ones!

14And Zion said :"LORD JEHOVAH has left me and LORD JEHOVAH has forgotten me!"

15If a woman forgets her infant and does not love on a son of her womb, even if these forget, I shall not forget you!

16Behold, on the palms of my hands I have engraved you, and your walls are constantly next to me

17Your children, your destroyers and your plunderers shall go out from you quickly

18Lift up your eyes around you and see all of them assembling and coming to you! I live, says LORD JEHOVAH, for you shall wear all of them as an ornament, and you shall be crowned as a bride

19Because your ruins and your desolations and land of your ruin shall be narrower therefore than the dweller, and your devourers shall flee

20Again, the children of your destitution shall say in your ears: “The place is constricted for us. Come to us! Let us settle down!”

21And you shall say in your heart: “Who bore these to me? Behold, I am bereaved and alone, exposed and troubled! Who raised these up? Behold, if I am left alone, where are they?”

22Thus says LORD JEHOVAH God: “Behold, I lift up my hands over the nations and I shall raise up a sign over the peoples, and they shall bring your sons on their hands, and they shall carry your daughters on their shoulders

23And Kings shall be your foster fathers and their Princesses your wet nurses, and upon their faces on the ground they shall worship you, and the dust of your feet they shall lick. And you shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH, that those who wait for me are not ashamed

24Is the prey of a giant going to be taken captive, or are the captives of the mighty delivered?

25Because thus says LORD JEHOVAH: "The prey of a giant shall be led away captive, and the captivity of the mighty shall be saved, and judging you, I shall judge, and I shall save your children

26And I shall feed your oppressors their flesh, and they shall be drunk from their blood, like new wine, and everybody shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH, your Savior and your Helper, The Mighty One of Yaqob

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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