Jeremiah 23
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1Oh, Shepherds, who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture, says LORD JEHOVAH! 2Because of this, thus says LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel, to the Shepherds who shepherd my people: “You have scattered my sheep and you have led them astray, and you have not visited them. Behold, I visit upon you according to the evil of your works, says LORD JEHOVAH 3And I shall gather the rest of my sheep from all regions where I led them, and I shall lead them to their sheepfolds, and they shall grow and they shall multiply 4And I shall raise up Shepherds over them, and they shall shepherd them, and they shall not fear again, and they shall not be scattered, and they shall not go astray, says LORD JEHOVAH”

5Behold, the days are coming, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall raise up to David the brilliance of righteousness, and he shall reign in the Kingdom, and he shall be understanding and he shall perform judgment and righteousness in the earth

6In his days Yehuda shall be redeemed and Israel shall dwell in quietness, and this is his name that they shall call him: ‘LORD JEHOVAH Our Righteousness’

7Because of this, behold, days are coming, says LORD JEHOVAH, and it will not be said again, ‘Living is LORD JEHOVAH who brought forth the house of Israel from the land of Egypt’ 8But “Living is LORD JEHOVAH who shall go up and he shall bring the house of Israel from the land of the north, and from all of the regions in which they are scattered”, and they shall dwell in their land

9Concerning the Prophets, my heart is broken within me, and all my bones shake. I have been like a man who is a drunkard, and like a man whose wine takes him away from the presence of LORD JEHOVAH, and from the presence of the words of his holiness

10Because adulterers and rapists have filled the land; because of these, the land has mourned and the pastures of the wilderness have dried up, and their hard labor was evil, and they did not prosper by their fortitude

11Because even the Prophets and the Priests have become Pagans! Even in my house I have found their evil, says LORD JEHOVAH

12Because of this, their ways shall be slippery places to them, and into the darkness they shall be cast out and they shall fall in them, because I bring evil upon them, the year of their visitation, says LORD JEHOVAH

13And in the Prophets of Samaria I have seen falsehood. They prophesied by Baal and they have led my people Israel astray

14And in the Prophets of Jerusalem I have seen insanity. They commit adultery and they walk in falsehood and they strengthen the hands of their friends, that they shall not turn a man from his evil way, and they were all to me as Sadom, and its inhabitants as Amora

15Because of this, so says LORD JEHOVAH of hosts about the Prophets: “Behold, I feed them bitter herbs and I shall give them bitter waters to drink, because from the presence of the Prophets of Jerusalem paganism has proceeded into all the land

16So says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: “You shall not hear the words of lying Prophets who prophesy to you, and they deceive you. They speak the vision of their heart and it is not from the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH

17And they are saying to those who anger THE WORD of LORD JEHOVAH: ‘Peace shall be to you!’, and to everyone who walks in the will of his heart, they say, ‘Evil will not come upon you!”

18For who has stood in the counsel of LORD JEHOVAH and has seen him and has heard his word, or who has paid attention to his word and has listened to him?

19Behold the action of LORD JEHOVAH went out in passion, and the blazing action shall rest on the head of the wicked

20The heat of his passion will not return until he will do and until he will confirm the mind of his heart. In the end of days you shall be built up in him

21I have not sent the Prophets and they went, and I have not spoken to them, and they prophesied

22And they did not stand up in my counsel, neither made heard my words to my people, neither turned them from their evil ways, nor from the evil of their works

23I am God who is from the nearness, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I am not God who is from a distance

24If a man will hide in secret places, am I not seeing him, says LORD JEHOVAH? Behold, Heaven and Earth are filled by me, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts!

25I have heard the thing that the Prophets said, who prophesy in my name with a lie, and they are saying: ‘I have dreamed a dream’ 26How long are lying prophecies in the mouths of the Prophets, lying prophecies of the deceit of their heart? 27Who plot to seduce my people in my name by their dreams which they relate, a man to his neighbor, as their fathers had forgotten my name and worked for Baal 28A Prophet that sees a dream, let him tell a dream, and whoever has my words with him, he shall speak my words in truth. Why mix straw with the grain, says LORD JEHOVAH? 29Behold, my words are going forth like fire, says LORD JEHOVAH, and like iron that cuts rock 30Because of this, behold, I am against the Prophets, says LORD JEHOVAH, who conceal my words, each man from his neighbor 31Behold, I am against the Prophets, says LORD JEHOVAH, who pervert their tongues and they are saying: ‘LORD JEHOVAH says so!’ 32Behold, I am against the Prophets who see lying dreams, says LORD JEHOVAH, and are relating them and deceive my people with their lies and with their licentiousness, and I have not sent them and I have not commanded them, and they profit this people nothing!

33And when this people or a Prophet or Priest will ask you, and will say to you: “What is the word of LORD JEHOVAH?, you say to them: ‘This is the word of LORD JEHOVAH: I shall uproot you, says LORD JEHOVAH!” 34And a Prophet or a Priest or the people who will say, "The word of LORD JEHOVAH”, I shall adjudicate against that man and against his house 35Thus you will say, a man to his neighbor and a man to his brother: “What did LORD JEHOVAH answer, and what did LORD JEHOVAH speak? 36And the word of LORD JEHOVAH you shall not call to mind again, because a man’s word shall be his prophecy, and you are perverting the words of God, The Living One, LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts our God 37Thus you shall say to a man: “What has LORD JEHOVAH answered you, and what has LORD JEHOVAH spoken?” 38And if you will speak the word of LORD JEHOVAH, thus says LORD JEHOVAH: ‘Because you have spoken this word and I have sent to you that you shall not speak 39Because of this, I shall certainly remove you, and I shall cast you out, and the city that I gave you and your fathers from before my face 40And I shall give you eternal reproach and eternal shame that is not forgotten

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