Job 11
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1And Tsuphar the Namthite answered and said:

2“Do not answer with a multitude of words, also no man speaking is justified with his answer

3Behold, at your words the dead may be silent; you speak and there is none who restrains you, and if you mock, there is none who rebukes you

4And you said that you have been led righteously and you have been pure in the eyes of your soul

5However the Maker, the Giver, is God the Word, and his lips are lifted up with you.

6And he was showing you the secrets of wisdom, because there are inner chambers to wisdom, and you have known that God has forgiven you your sins

7Can you know the declaration of God, or can you stand at the uttermost limit of The Almighty?

8Do you know the high place of Heaven or the depth of Sheol? From where do you know?

9Its measure is longer than the Earth and it is broader than the sea

10If he will pass by, he shall seize and he shall gather; who turns him?

11For he knows when time came to be, and he sees evil and he considers

12And a man who is pure is encouraged, and he who is mighty helps a man

13If you have prepared your heart and you have stretched forth your hands to him

14If there was evil in your hands, he was removing it far away, and evil did not camp in your tent

15And then you will lift your hands and you will not be afraid of sorrow

16And then you shall forget your misery, and like running water you shall be led away

17And at noon the grave shall rise up, and thick darkness will be like the dawn

18And you will trust that there is hope and you will sleep and you will be rested

19And there is none who rouses you up. Many will seek your face

20And the eyes of the wicked will be darkened and their strength will be destroyed from them, and the hope of their souls

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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