Job 18
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1And Beldad the Shukhite answered and said:

2“How long will you put up opposition to words? Discern, and in the end we shall speak!

3Why are we considered as a beast and we are defiled in your eyes?

4He kills his soul in his wrath. Behold, because of you shall the Earth be forsaken, and a mountain move from its place?

5Also the lamp of the wicked will be extinguished; also the flame of its fire will be put out.

6The light will darken in their tents and its lamp will be extinguished over him

7His steps will be laid waste in his sickness and his thoughts will sink him

8Because he stretched his feet into a snare and he has walked upon a net

9And snares grasped on his heel; droughts will prevail over him

10His destruction is hidden in the earth and his snare shall wrap around on the path

11Rows of terror surrounded him and they scattered themselves at his feet

12And his affliction will be a famine, and ruin is prepared for his posterity

13His possessions will be devoured by violence, and his first born dies by violence

14His trust will be cut off from his tent and the terrors of Kings will terrify him

15And they shall dwell in his tent, that which no man has; brimstone will be cast on his place

16His roots will dry up from beneath and his vintage will fall off from above

17His memorial will be destroyed from the Earth, and he has no name on the face of creation

18He will be thrown out from light into darkness and from the world they will reject him

19He has no name and no memory among the people and he has no survivor in his dwelling

20Let the latter ones be stupefied at his days, and the hair of the first ones stands on end

21However these are the tents of the evil, and this is the place of him who does not know God

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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