Luke 19
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1And when Yeshua entered and passed through Jericho, 2A certain man was there whose name was Zakkai; he was a rich man and Chief of Tax Collectors, 3And he wanted to see who Yeshua was and he was not able to from the crowd because Zakkai was small in stature. 4And he ran before it to Yeshua and he climbed up a bare fig tree to see him because he was going to pass by there. 5And when he came to that place, Yeshua saw him and said to him, “Hasten, come down, Zakkai, for today I must stay at your house.” 6And he made haste and he came down and received him rejoicing. 7But when all of them saw it, they were all complaining and they were saying, “He entered and lodged with a man that is a sinner.” 8Then Zakkai arose and he said to Yeshua, “Behold, my Lord, I give half my wealth to the poor, and anything that I have seized I repay fourfold to every man.” 9Yeshua said to him, “Today, The Life has come to this house, because This One also is The Son of Abraham.” 10“For The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

11And as they heard these things, he added to speak a parable because he was nearing Jerusalem, and they were expecting in that same hour that the Kingdom of God was going to be revealed. 12And he said, “A certain man, a son of great descent, went to a distant region to receive a Kingdom and to return.” 13And he called his ten servants and he gave them ten minas and he said to them, “Invest in trading until I come.” 14But the citizens of the city hated him and they sent envoys after him and they were saying, “We do not want this man to reign over us.” 15And when he had received the Kingdom and returned, he said to summon to him his servants to whom he had given money that he may know what everyone of them had traded. 16The first came and he said, “My Lord, your mina has gained ten minas.” 17He said to him, “Excellent, good servant! Because you are found faithful with a little, you shall be a ruler over ten fortress cities.” 18The second came and he said, “My Lord, your mina has gained five minas.” 19He said also to this one, “You also shall be ruler over five fortress cities.” 20Another came and he said, “My lord, behold, that mina, which I had is now laid in fine linen.” 21“For I was afraid of you, for you are a hard man, for you take up that which you have not laid down and you reap the thing which you have not sown.” 22He said to him, “I will judge you from your own mouth, you evil servant, for you had known me that I am a hard man, and I take up the thing that I have not laid down, and I reap the thing that I have not sown. 23Why did you not put my money upon the exchange and I would have come to seek it with its interest?” 24And he said to those who stood before him, “Take from him the mina and give to him who has ten minas with him.” 25And they were saying to him, “Our Lord, he has ten minas.” 26He said to them, “I tell you that everyone who has it, it shall be given him, and from him who does not have it, even that which he has shall be taken from him.” 27“However, those my enemies, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them and kill them in front of me.”

28And when Yeshua had said these things, he went out to those before him to go to Jerusalem.

29And when he arrived at Bethphage and Bethany on the side of the Mount which is called 'Bayth Zaytay', he sent two of his disciples. 30He said to them, “Go to the village which is opposite us, and when you enter, behold, you shall find a colt tied on which a man has never ridden; loose and bring him.” 31“If a man asks you why you are loosing him, say thus to him: 'He is needed for Our Lord.' “ 32And they who were sent went and found just as he had said to them. 33And as they loosed the colt, its owners were saying to them, “Why are you loosing that colt?” 34And they said to them, “He is needed for Our Lord.” 35And they brought him to Yeshua and they cast their garments on the colt and set Yeshua upon him. 36As he went they were spreading their garments in the road. 37When he approached the descent of the Mount of Bayth Zaytay, all the crowds of disciples began rejoicing and praising God with loud voices for all the mighty works that they had seen.

38And they were saying, “Blessed is The King who comes in the name of THE LORD JEHOVAH; peace in Heaven and glory in The Highest.”

39But some of the Pharisees from among the crowds were saying to him, “Rabbi, rebuke your disciples.” 40He said to them, “I say to you that if these would be silent, the stones would be crying out loud.”

41And when he came near and he saw the city he wept over it. 42And he said, “If only now you had known those things that are of your peace, if even in this your day! But now these things are hidden from your eyes.” 43“The days shall come to you when your enemies shall surround you and they shall press you in from every side.” 44“And they shall destroy you and your children within you and they shall not leave you one stone standing on another, because you did not know the time of your visitation.”

45And when he entered The Temple he began to cast out those who bought and sold in it. 46And he said to them, “It is written: 'My house is the house of prayer', but you have made it a den of robbers.'”

47He was teaching everyday in The Temple, but the Chief Priests and the Scribes and the Elders of the people were seeking to destroy him. 48And they could not find what they might do to him, for all the people were hanging on him to hear him.

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