Proverbs 14
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1A wise woman builds a house and the foolish woman destroys it with her hands.

2He that walks in uprightness is in awe of LORD JEHOVAH and he that is shifty in his way despises him.

3Provocation and disgrace are in the mouth of the fool, and the lips of the wise will preserve them.

4Where there are no oxen, the stalls are clean, and the abundance of crops is by the power of the ox.

5A trustworthy witness is not false and he that speaks falsehood is a false witness.

6The evil one seeks wisdom and will not find it, and knowledge is found by the intelligent.

7To the foolish man, everything is against him, and the lips of the wise are the weapons of knowledge.

8A cunning one in his wisdom understands his way, and the way of fools is in error.

9The households of the evil are rightly begging for cleansing, and the households of the righteous are acceptable.

10Fools commit sins and upright children are willing.

11The understanding heart always has sorrow to its soul and a stranger will not share in its joy. The household of the evil will be destroyed and the tent of the upright will exult.

12There is a way that men think is right, and its ways are the ways of death.

13Even in laughter the heart will sorrow, and the end of its joy is grief.

14He who is rash in his heart will be filled with his ways, and a good man will be filled from the awe of his soul.

15A child believes every word, and a cunning one distinguishes good from evil.

16A wise one is afraid and departs from evil, and the fool partakes in it confidently.

17Nothing a hasty man does is advised and a wise man is temperate.

18Fools inherit madness and the intelligent distribute knowledge.

19The evil will fall in front of the good and the evil will come to the door of the righteous.

20The poor is hated by his neighbors and the friends of the rich are many.

21He that despises his neighbor sins, and he that shows mercy upon the poor is blessed.

22The evil go astray doing evil, and the compassionate and righteous ones do all good things; evildoers do not understand mercy and faith, but compassion and faith are with doers of good.

23In all that concerns you, one thing is profitable, and he that is diminished in his way of life is quiet and will be pleasant. LORD JEHOVAH heals every sickness, and the speech of the lips of the evil damages them.

24A crown of the wise is their wealth, and the way of life of fools is their insanity.

25A true witness delivers souls, and a false witness speaks deceit.

26The awe of LORD JEHOVAH is strong in hope and he will be a protector to his children.

27The awe of LORD JEHOVAH is a fountain of life to those that turn from the snares of death.

28By many people the king is honored, and by the end of the people the king is shattered.

29He that is patient is very wise and he that is impatient, very foolish.

30He that cools his anger is a healer of his heart, and envy is the decay of the bones.

31He that oppresses the poor is very evil; he angers him who made him; he that honors LORD JEHOVAH shows mercy upon the afflicted.

32The evil one is overthrown by his evil, and he that trusts that he has no sin is righteous.

33In the heart of the righteous dwells wisdom, and in the heart of fools it will not be known.

34Righteousness will exalt the people and sin diminishes a people.

35The pleasure of the King is with an understanding Servant, and by the wisdom of his soul evil is overthrown. He that trusts that he has no sins is righteous, but passion will destroy even wise men.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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