Proverbs 25
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1These also are the deep proverbs of Solomon which the friends of Hezekiah king of Judah wrote:

2It is the glory of God that hides the word, and the glory of the King that seeks for the word.

3The Heavens are high and the Earth deep, and the heart of the King is unsearchable.

4Select dross from silver so that a pure item may come forth.

5Evil ones will be scattered from before the King and he will establish his throne in righteousness.

6Do not boast before the king, and do not stand in the place of great men.

7For it is better for one to say to you, "Come up”, than that you be humbled in front of a Ruler. Whatever your eyes see, that tell.

8Do not go out for anything hastily, lest when you bring a lawsuit, your friend will revile you at the end.

9Judge your judgment with your neighbor and do not reveal the secret of another

10Lest he that hears will revile you, and many complain against you.

11He that speaks the word is an apple of gold in a vessel of beaten silver.

12An earring of gold and precious Sardius, so is the reproof of the wise to the ear of the hearer.

13As whenever falling snow in a day of harvest cools the heat, so is a faithful messenger to his senders, and the soul of his Masters returns.

14As when there are clouds and wind without rain, so is a man that boasts of false gifts.

15In patience soothe a Ruler, and with a soft tongue break bones.

16Whenever you have found honey, eat enough for you, lest when you are full, you vomit it.

17Let not your foot frequent the house of your friend, lest he be weary of you and hate you.

18Like a club, a sword and a sharp arrow, so is a man that testifies false testimony against his neighbor.

19Like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint, so is trust in a liar in the day of trouble.

20He that takes the cloak from his neighbor in the day of cold as like he that casts dirt upon wealth, and to chastise a grieved heart is like a moth to a garment and like a boring worm to a tree; so grief wounds the heart of a man.

21If your enemy hungers, feed him, and if he thirsts, give him drink.

22And when you do these things to him, you welcome coals of fire upon his head, and LORD JEHOVAH rewards you.

23As the North wind gives birth to rain, so also is an evil face to a lurking tongue.

24It is better to dwell on the corner of a roof than to dwell with a contentious woman in a house of divisions.

25Like cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news that comes from a distant land.

26Like a stopped up fountain and a stream of sewage, so is a righteous one that falls down before an evil one.

27To eat much honey is not good, neither to seek words of praise.

28Like a city breach without a wall, so is an impatient man.

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