Psalm 102
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1LORD JEHOVAH, hear my prayer, and my cry will enter to your presence!

2Do not turn your face from me in the day of my affliction but bend your ear to me in the day that I call you and answer me quickly!

3Because my days are finished in smoke and my bones are white as if they were burnt!

4My heart withers like grass and is dried up because I have forgotten the food of my bread.

5My flesh cleaves to my bones from the voice of my groanings!

6I have been like a pelican in the wilderness and I have been like an owl in the desert.

7I am terrified and have been alone like a sparrow that flies on the rooftops.

8My enemies have reproached me all day, and my Singers are sworn against me!

9Because I have eaten ashes like bread and I have mixed my drink with weeping

10From before your anger and your passion, for you have exalted me and you have cast me down!

11My days have declined like the shadow and I have withered like the grass!

12And you, LORD JEHOVAH, endure to eternity and your remembrance to a generation of generations!

13Arise and show love upon Zion because the time has come to show love upon her!

14Because your Servants delight in her stones and they love her dust!

15The nations shall worship your Name, LORD JEHOVAH, and all the Kings of the earth, your honor!

16Because LORD JEHOVAH builds up Zion and he shall appear in his glory!

17And he turns to the prayer of the poor and does not despise their prayer.

18This will be written for the following generation; the people to be created will glorify LORD JEHOVAH

19For he looked out from the high place of his Holiness. LORD JEHOVAH looked out from Heaven to the Earth

20To hear the groaning of the prisoners and to release the children from death

21That they may tell The Name of LORD JEHOVAH in Zion and his praises in Jerusalem!

22Why do the nations gather as one, and the kingdoms to serve LORD JEHOVAH?

23They humbled my power in the Earth and in the shortage of my days

24He said to me, "Do not take me up in the middle of my days; your years are for a generation of generations.

25You have prepared the Earth from the first and your hands made Heaven.

26They pass away and you endure, and all of them are worn out like clothing and like a cloak they are changed.

27And you are as you are, and your years do not end.

28And the sons of your Servants will dwell in the Earth and their seed will be established before you.” Ps

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Glenn David Bauscher
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