Psalm 106
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1Give thanks to LORD JEHOVAH, because he is good, and his grace is to eternity.

2Who will tell the wonders of LORD JEHOVAH and will proclaim all his praises?

3Blessed are they who keep his judgments and do his righteousness at all times.

4Remember me, LORD JEHOVAH, with the pleasure of your people, and save me in your salvation!

5That I may see the good of your chosen ones, I shall rejoice in your joy and I shall be glorified in your inheritance!

6We have sinned with our fathers; we have gone astray and we have done wickedness.

7Our fathers in Egypt did not understand your wonders and they did not remember the multitude of your graces when they contended by the waters at the Sea of Reeds.

8He saved them because of his Name to show his manliness.

9He rebuked The Sea of Reeds and it dried up; he walked them into the deep as into the wilderness.

10He saved them from the hand of the enemy and delivered them from the hand of the oppressor.

11Waters covered their oppressors and not one of them remained.

12They believed his words and sang his praises.

13They made haste and they forgot God and did not trust his counsel.

14They lusted greatly in the wilderness and they tempted God in the desert.

15He gave them their requests and sent fullness to their souls.

16They were envious of Moses in the camp and of Aaron, the Holy One of LORD JEHOVAH.

17The Earth opened and swallowed Dathan and buried over the assembly of Abiram.

18A fire was kindled in their assemblies and a flame burned up the evil ones.

19They made a calf in Khoreeb and worshiped the molten image.

20And they changed their glory into the likeness of an ox eating grass.

21And they forgot God who saved them, who did great things in Egypt

22And wonders in the land of Ham and awesome deeds in the Sea of Reeds.

23And he said that he would destroy them if Moses, his chosen, had not stood in the gap before him, and turned back his wrath, lest he would destroy them.

24They despised the land of desire and they did not believe his word,

25And they complained in their tents and they did not hear the voice of LORD JEHOVAH.

26And he lifted his hand against them to destroy them among the Gentiles.

27And he would scatter their seed among the Gentiles and would destroy them in the lands.

28For they joined themselves to the idols of Peor and they ate the sacrifices of the dead.

29And they angered him by their works and made him jealous with their idols, and he strengthened the plague against them suddenly.

30Phinehas stood up and prayed and the plague was restrained.

31And it was accounted to him justification for a generation of generations unto eternity.

32And they angered him concerning the waters of strife and he afflicted Moses because of them.

33Because they bitterly provoked his spirit and they spoke by his lips.

34And they did not destroy the nations of which LORD JEHOVAH had spoken to them.

35But they were mixed with the Gentiles and they learned their works.

36And they feared their idols and they were a stumbling block to them.

37For they sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons.

38And they shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and their daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was defiled with blood.

39They were defiled by their works and they committed fornication with their inventions.

40And the wrath of LORD JEHOVAH was provoked upon his people and he despised his inheritance.

41He gave them over into the hand of the Gentiles and their haters were authorized over them.

42And their enemies subdued them and they were subject under their hands.

43Many times he delivered them and they bitterly provoked him in their minds and they were humbled in their evil.

44And he saw their affliction and he heard their prayer.

45And he has remembered his covenant and has shown mercy upon them and has led them according to the abundance of his grace.

46And he gave them affection before all their captors.

47Save us, LORD JEHOVAH, our God; gather us from the nations that we may confess your holy name and we shall be glorified in your inheritance.

48Blessed is LORD JEHOVAH, The God of Israel, from eternity and unto eternity; and all the people shall say, "Amen and amen"!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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