Deuteronomy 21
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1“When one is found slain, fallen in a field on the ground which your God YHWH is giving to you to possess it, [and] it is not known who has struck him, 2then your elderly and yours [of those] judging have gone out and measured to the cities which [are] around the slain one, 3and it has been, the city which [is] near to the slain one, even [the] elderly of that city have taken a heifer of the herd, which has not been worked with, which has not drawn in a yoke, 4and [the] elderly of that city have brought down the heifer to a hard valley, which is not tilled nor sown, and have beheaded the heifer there in the valley. 5And the priests, sons of Levi, have come near—for your God YHWH has fixed on them to serve Him and to bless in the Name of YHWH, and by their mouth is every strife and every stroke— 6and all [the] elderly of that city, who are near to the slain one, wash their hands over the heifer which is beheaded in the valley, 7and they have answered and said, Our hands have not shed this blood, and our eyes have not seen— 8receive atonement for Your people Israel, whom You have ransomed, O YHWH, and do not permit innocent blood in the midst of Your people Israel; and the blood has been pardoned to them, 9and you put away the innocent blood out of your midst, for you do that which [is] right in the eyes of YHWH.

10When you go out to battle against your enemies, and your God YHWH has given them into your hand, and you have taken captive its captivity, 11and have seen a woman of beautiful form in the captivity, and have delighted in her, and have taken [her] to yourself for a wife, 12then you have brought her into the midst of your household, and she has shaved her head, and prepared her nails, 13and turned aside the raiment of her captivity from off her, and has dwelt in your house, and lamented her father and her mother [for] a month of days, and afterward you go in to her and have married her, and she has been to you for a wife. 14And it has been, if you have not delighted in her, that you have sent her away at her desire, and surely you do not sell her for money; you do not tyrannize over her, because that you have humbled her.

15When a man has two wives, one loved and the other hated, and they have borne sons to him (the loved one and the hated one), and the firstborn son has been to the hated one, 16then it has been, in the day of his causing his sons to inherit that which he has, he is not able to declare firstborn the son of the loved one, in the face of the son of the hated one—the firstborn. 17But the firstborn, son of the hated one, he acknowledges, to give to him a double portion of all that is found with him, for he [is] the beginning of his strength; to him [is] the right of the firstborn.

18When a man has a son apostatizing and being rebellious—he is not listening to the voice of his father and to the voice of his mother, and they have disciplined him, and he does not listen to them— 19then his father and his mother have laid hold on him, and they have brought him out to [the] elderly of his city, and to the gate of his place, 20and have said to [the] elderly of his city, Our son—this one—is apostatizing and being rebellious; he is not listening to our voice—a glutton and drunkard. 21Then all the men of his city have stoned him with stones and he has died, and you have put away the evil out of your midst, and all Israel hears and fears.

22And when there is a sin in a man [with] a judgment of death, and he has been put to death, and you have hanged him on a tree, 23his corpse does not remain on the tree, for you certainly bury him in the day—for he who is hanged [becomes] a curse of God—and you do not defile your ground which your God YHWH is giving to you [for] an inheritance.”

Literal Standard Version
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