John 9
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Jesus Heals the Man Born Blind

1As Jesus passed by, he saw a man that was born blind. 2and his disciples propos'd to him this question, master, was it for his own sins, or for the sins of his parents, that he was born blind? 3it was not for any sin of his, said Jesus, or of his parents: but that the works of God might be displayed thro' him. 4I must perform the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night is coming, when no man can work. 5while I am in the world, I am the light of the world. 6having said this, he spit on the ground, which by means of his saliva he made into clay, wherewith he anointed the eyes of the blind man, 7and said to him, go wash in the pool of Siloam (a word which signifies sent.) so he went and washed, and came seeing. 8the neighbours therefore, and they who before had seen him begging, said, is not this he that used to sit begging? 9this is he, said some; he is like him, said others: but he said, I am the man. 10thereupon they said to him, how did you come to your sight? 11he answered, a man call'd Jesus made clay, and anointed my eyes, and said to me, go to the pool of Siloam, and wash: I went, and washed, and so I saw. 12then said they to him, where is he? I don't know, said he.

The Pharisees Investigate the Healing

13This very man that had been blind, was at length brought to the Pharisees. 14now it was the sabbath-day when Jesus made the clay, and gave him his sight. 15the Pharisees therefore ask'd him likewise, how he had received his sight, he told them, he put clay upon mine eyes, and I washed, and now see. 16thereupon some of the Pharisees said, this man has no divine mission, because he does not observe the sabbath, but said others, if he be an impostor, how can he do such miracles? and there was a schism among them. 17they therefore question'd the blind man again, what do you say of the man that made you see? he is a prophet, said he.

18but the Jews were so incredulous about his having been blind, and obtain'd sight, that they sent for his parents, 19and ask'd them, is this your son, who you say was born blind? how came it then that he now sees? 20his parents answered, that this is our son, and that he was born blind: we are very certain. 21but by what means it was that he now sees, that we know not; or who made him see, we know not: he is of age, ask him, he will answer for himself. 22his parents said this, because they were afraid of the Jews: for the Jews had agreed in this, that if any man did own him for the Messias, he should be excommunicated. 23it was this made his parents say, "he is of age, ask him."

24They therefore again call'd the man that had been blind, and said to him, in the name of God tell the truth: for we know that this man is an impostor. 25whether he be so or not, said he, I don't know: one thing I very well know, that once I was blind, and now I see. 26they still urg'd the same question, what did he do to thee? how did he make you see? 27I have already told you that, said he, and did you not hear it? why would ye hear it over again? have you likewise a mind to be his disciples? 28then they reviled him, and said, thou art his disciple; but we are Moses disciples. 29we know that God commission'd Moses: as for this fellow, we don't know who sent him. 30the man replied, that's very strange that he should make me see, and you should not know who sent him. 31now 'tis certain, that God does not countenance impostors: but regards him only that is religious, and executes his commands. 32It was never heard since the world began, that any man gave sight to one that was born blind. 33if this man had not his mission from God, he could do nothing. 34they answered, you were a vicious fellow from your very birth, and do you pretend to preach to us? and then they excommunicated him.

Spiritual Blindness

35Jesus having heard that they had excommunicated him; and meeting with the man, he said to him, do you believe on the son of God? 36he answered and said, who is he, Lord, that I may believe on him? 37Jesus said to him, not only thou hast seen him, but it is he himself that is talking with thee. 38then said he to Jesus, Lord, I believe: and prostrated himself before him. 39and Jesus said, to execute justice am I come into this world: that they who see not, may see; and that they who do see, may become blind. 40some of the Pharisees who were then present hearing this, said to him, are we likewise blind? 41Jesus said to them, if you were blind, you would be excusable; but since you own that you see, you stand convicted.

Daniel Mace New Testament (1729)

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