Isaiah 3
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1Look, the sovereign LORD who commands armies is about to remove from Jerusalem and Judah every source of security, including all the food and water, 1Observe this: The Lord GOD of Hosts is about to remove from Jerusalem and from Judah every kind of security: the entire supply of bread and water,
2the mighty men and warriors, judges and prophets, omen readers and leaders, 2the hero and warrior, the judge and prophet, the fortune-teller and elder,
3captains of groups of fifty, the respected citizens, advisers and those skilled in magical arts, and those who know incantations. 3the commander of 50 and the dignitary, the counselor, cunning magician, and necromancer."
4The LORD says, "I will make youths their officials; malicious young men will rule over them. 4I will make youths their leaders, and the unstable will govern them."
5The people will treat each other harshly; men will oppose each other; neighbors will fight. Youths will proudly defy the elderly and riffraff will challenge those who were once respected. 5The people will oppress one another, man against man, neighbor against neighbor; the youth will act arrogantly toward the elder, and the worthless toward the honorable.
6Indeed, a man will grab his brother right in his father's house and say, 'You own a coat--you be our leader! This heap of ruins will be under your control.' 6A man will even seize his brother in his father's house, saying:" You have a cloak--you be our leader! This heap of rubble will be under your control."
7At that time the brother will shout, 'I am no doctor, I have no food or coat in my house; don't make me a leader of the people!'" 7On that day he will cry out, saying:" I'm not a healer. I don't even have food or clothing in my house. Don't make me the leader of the people!"
8Jerusalem certainly stumbles, Judah falls, for their words and their actions offend the LORD; they rebel against his royal authority. 8For Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallen because they have spoken and acted against the LORD, defying His glorious presence.
9The look on their faces testifies to their guilt; like the people of Sodom they openly boast of their sin. Too bad for them! For they bring disaster on themselves. 9The look on their faces testifies against them, and like Sodom, they flaunt their sin. They do not conceal it. Woe to them, for they have brought evil on themselves.
10Tell the innocent it will go well with them, for they will be rewarded for what they have done. 10Tell the righteous that it will go well for them, for they will eat the fruit of their labor.
11Too bad for the wicked sinners! For they will get exactly what they deserve. 11Woe to the wicked--it will go badly for them, for what they have done will be done to them.
12Oppressors treat my people cruelly; creditors rule over them. My people's leaders mislead them; they give you confusing directions. 12Youths oppress My people, and women rule over them. My people, your leaders mislead you; they confuse the direction of your paths.
13The LORD takes his position to judge; he stands up to pass sentence on his people. 13The LORD rises to argue the case and stands to judge the people.
14The LORD comes to pronounce judgment on the leaders of his people and their officials. He says, "It is you who have ruined the vineyard! You have stashed in your houses what you have stolen from the poor. 14The LORD brings this charge against the elders and leaders of His people:" You have devastated the vineyard. The plunder from the poor is in your houses.
15Why do you crush my people and grind the faces of the poor?" The sovereign LORD who commands armies has spoken. 15Why do you crush My people and grind the faces of the poor?" This is the declaration of the Lord GOD of Hosts.
16The LORD says, "The women of Zion are proud. They walk with their heads high and flirt with their eyes. They skip along and the jewelry on their ankles jingles. 16The LORD also says: Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, walking with heads held high and seductive eyes, going along with prancing steps, jingling their ankle bracelets,
17So the sovereign master will afflict the foreheads of Zion's women with skin diseases, the LORD will make the front of their heads bald." 17the Lord will put scabs on the heads of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will shave their foreheads bare.
18At that time the sovereign master will remove their beautiful ankle jewelry, neck ornaments, crescent shaped ornaments,18On that day the Lord will strip their finery: ankle bracelets, headbands, crescents,
19earrings, bracelets, veils,19pendants, bracelets, veils,
20headdresses, ankle ornaments, sashes, sachets, amulets,20headdresses, ankle jewelry, sashes, perfume bottles, amulets,
21rings, nose rings,21signet rings, nose rings,
22festive dresses, robes, shawls, purses,22festive robes, capes, cloaks, purses,
23garments, vests, head coverings, and gowns. 23garments, linen clothes, turbans, and veils.
24A putrid stench will replace the smell of spices, a rope will replace a belt, baldness will replace braided locks of hair, a sackcloth garment will replace a fine robe, and a prisoner's brand will replace beauty. 24Instead of perfume there will be a stench; instead of a belt, a rope; instead of beautifully styled hair, baldness; instead of fine clothes, sackcloth; instead of beauty, branding.
25Your men will fall by the sword, your strong men will die in battle. 25Your men will fall by the sword, your warriors in battle.
26Her gates will mourn and lament; deprived of her people, she will sit on the ground. 26Then her gates will lament and mourn; deserted, she will sit on the ground.
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