Ecclesiastes 1:3
Text Analysis
4100 [e]מַה־
3504 [e]יִּתְר֖וֹן
120 [e]לָֽאָדָ֑ם
has a manPrep-l, Art | N-ms
3605 [e]בְּכָל־
from allPrep-b | N-msc
5999 [e]עֲמָל֔וֹ
his laborN-msc | 3ms
5998 [e]שֶֽׁיַּעֲמֹ֖ל
in which he toilsPro-r | V-Qal-Imperf-3ms
8478 [e]תַּ֥חַת
8121 [e]הַשָּֽׁמֶשׁ׃
the sunArt | N-cs

Hebrew Texts
קהלת 1:3 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
מַה־יִּתְרֹ֖ון לָֽאָדָ֑ם בְּכָל־עֲמָלֹ֔ו שֶֽׁיַּעֲמֹ֖ל תַּ֥חַת הַשָּֽׁמֶשׁ׃

קהלת 1:3 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
מה־יתרון לאדם בכל־עמלו שיעמל תחת השמש׃

קהלת 1:3 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
מה־יתרון לאדם בכל־עמלו שיעמל תחת השמש׃

קהלת 1:3 Hebrew Bible
מה יתרון לאדם בכל עמלו שיעמל תחת השמש׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
What advantage does man have in all his work Which he does under the sun?

King James Bible
What profit hath a man of all his labour which he taketh under the sun?

Holman Christian Standard Bible
What does a man gain for all his efforts that he labors at under the sun?
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

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