Hebrews 10
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1For The Written Law had a shadow in it of good things that were coming. It was not the essence of those matters; because of this, while they were offering those sacrifices every year, they could never perfect those who offered them. 2For if they had perfected them, doubtless, they would have ceased from their offerings, because their conscience would not have been buffeted by sin once they had themselves been purged; 3But by those sacrifices they remember their sins every year, 4For the blood of oxen and of yearling goats cannot purge sins.

5Because of this, when he entered the universe, he said, “Sacrifices and offerings you did not want, but you have clothed me with a body,

6“And burnt peace-offerings for sins you have not demanded.

7And I said, 'Behold, I come', because in the beginning of The Writings it is written of me, 'to do your will, oh God.'”

8Above, he said, “Sacrifices and offerings and burnt peace offerings for sins you did not want”; those that were offered were by The Written Law. 9And afterward he said, “Behold, I have come to do your will, oh God.” In this he abolishes the first to establish the second. 10For in this, his will, we are made holy in the offering of the body of Yeshua The Messiah, once.

11For every High Priest who has stood and served those with those sacrifices every day was offering those things which were never able to purge sins. 12But This One offered one sacrifice for the sake of sins, and he sat down at the right side of God for eternity. 13And he waits from then on until his enemies are put as a footstool under his feet, 14For by one offering he has perfected those who are sanctified by him for eternity. 15But The Spirit of Holiness also testifies to us, who says:

16“This is the covenant that I shall give them after those days, says THE LORD JEHOVAH: I shall put my law into their minds, and I shall write it upon their hearts,

17And their evils and their sins I shall not remember.”

18But where there is forgiveness of sins, no offering for sins is needed.

19Therefore brethren, we have boldness in the entrance of the holy place by the blood of Yeshua. 20And the way of The Life who made us new is now within the veil which is his flesh. 21And we have The High Priest over the house of God. 22Let us approach therefore with a true heart and the confidence of faith, while our hearts are sprinkled and purified from a wicked conscience and having bathed our bodies in pure water; 23And let us grasp firmly the confession of our hope and not waver, for he who has promised us is faithful. 24And let us pay attention to one another in the encouragement of love and of good works. 25And we should not be forsaking our meetings, as is the custom for each person, but plead with one another all the more, as long as you see that day drawing near.

26For if a man shall sin by his will after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there is no sacrifice to be offered afterward for sins, 27But that terrible judgment is ready and the zeal of fire which consumes the enemies. 28For if any violated the law of Moses, he would die without mercy by the mouth of two or three witnesses. 29How much more do you think he will receive capital punishment, he who has trampled upon The Son of God and esteemed the blood of his covenant to be like that of every person, who also was made holy by it, and he has despised The Spirit of grace? 30For we know him who said, “Vengeance is mine, and I shall give payment.” And again, “THE LORD JEHOVAH will judge his people.” 31It is very terrible to fall into the hands of THE LIVING GOD.

32Remember therefore the first days in which you received baptism and endured a great contest of suffering with reproach and affliction. 33And you became a spectacle, and you were also made associates with people who endured these things. 34And you were grieved concerning those who were imprisoned and you endured with joy the robbery of your possessions, because you know you have a possession in Heaven which is greater and does not pass away. 35Therefore do not throw away the boldness which you have, for a great reward is coming for it. 36For you must have patience to do the will of God and receive The Promise,

37“Because in a very short time, he who is coming will come and will not delay.”

38“But the righteous one shall live by my faith, and if he gives it up, my soul is not pleased with him.”

39But we are not of despondency which leads to destruction, but of the faith that imparts to us our soul.

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