1 Chronicles 29
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1And King David said to all the assembly of Israel: “This is Solomon my son; the boy is young and LORD JEHOVAH chose him from all my sons because the boy is wise and intelligent, and this work that is given to him is not small, it is great, because it has not been given for a son of man, so be courageous and be valiant in it, because it is of LORD JEHOVAH our God. 2And all my power and all my wealth I have provided, everything that is needed for the house of LORD JEHOVAH my God, gold for gold, and silver for silver, and brass for brass, and iron for iron, and wood for wood, and cedars for cedar, planks and precious stones and pearls. 3And everything that is needed for the house I have provided, and I have prepared for it from my want, and from my want I have provided money for the expense of the house of my God. 4One million talents of gold, of fine gold, two million talents of silver to overlay the walls of the house. 5Wherever gold is needed, gold shall go, and wherever silver is needed, silver shall go, and for all these works, so that you will fulfill the work in its month. Do not delay the work, but finish according to what is needed for it by its accounting.”

6And the Chiefs of the fathers assembled, and the Chiefs of the tribes of Israel, and the Chiefs of thousands and of hundreds, and of those who are authorized over the work of the King. 7And they gave for the ministry of the house of LORD JEHOVAH five thousand talents of gold, and two hundred thousand talents fine tin for pipes, and twenty thousand talents silver, and Corinthian brass, seventy thousand talents, and iron, a hundred thousand talents. 8And they gave silver and gold just as was needed for it into the treasury of the house of LORD JEHOVAH, by the hand of Gershun the Treasurer. 9And all the people of Israel rejoiced for all the gifts, because David gave them with a whole heart before LORD JEHOVAH. A song of David: also David rejoiced with great joy and sang great songs to LORD JEHOVAH.

10And David blessed LORD JEHOVAH before all the assembly of Israel, and David said: “Blessed are you, LORD JEHOVAH God of Israel, our father from eternity and unto eternity! 11For yours, LORD JEHOVAH, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the beauty and the excellence and the honor, because you are authorized in Heaven and in the Earth! Yours, LORD JEHOVAH, is the Kingdom, and you are authorized over everything, and wisdom and power and knowledge 12And wealth and honor are from your presence, and you rule over all things, and yours is the power and the heroism, and you are magnificent and give strength to all creatures that you have created! 13Also now, LORD JEHOVAH our God, we thank you and we glorify the name of your greatness!

14For what am I and what are my people? For I have learned from all my teachers that yours is the way of life. This has helped me, and you are our hope, LORD JEHOVAH our God! 15Because we are likened to the vapor of a pot, and we are small inhabitants before you in the world, and you ruled among our first fathers, and you ordered them in what way they should go and they should live. 16And you we praise, LORD JEHOVAH our God, for you will save us from all who harm us, and the nations insult us and they say to us: “Where is your God whom you serve?” 17And I know, my God, that you examine the heart and you lead in faith, and I in the faith of my heart have sung all these things; also now your people who are found here I have seen in great joy singing to you and they say: 18‘LORD JEHOVAH, God of Abraham, and of Ishaq and of Israel, our fathers, keep all these things that you have promised us for eternity, and turn our heart to your awesomeness!’” 19I, David, answered and I said thus: “LORD JEHOVAH my God, also to Solomon my son give a perfect heart to keep your commandments and your testimonies and your covenant, and to do everything that you have commanded and to build the house that you have prepared, so that your great name will be hallowed, and it shall be glorified in the world which you have created before your worshipers.”

20And David said to all the people of Israel: “Bless LORD JEHOVAH your God!” And all the people blessed LORD JEHOVAH God of their fathers, and they fell and they bowed to LORD JEHOVAH, and they blessed also King David.

21And they sacrificed sacrifices before LORD JEHOVAH and they offered burning offerings before LORD JEHOVAH after that day, one thousand bulls and one thousand rams and one thousand lambs and many drink offerings, also for themselves the children of Israel sacrificed many sacrifices. 22And they ate and they drank before LORD JEHOVAH on that day in great joy, and they established Solomon The Son of David in the Kingdom, and they established Tsaduq the Priest. 23And Solomon sat down on the throne of the kingdom of LORD JEHOVAH to reign in the kingdom in the place of David his father, and he prospered, and all Israel was obedient to him. 24And all the Mighty Men and all the sons of King David yielded to Solomon his son. 25And LORD JEHOVAH exalted Solomon above the eyes of all Israel, and he put upon him the brightness of the Kingdom, the likes of which was upon none of the Kings of Israel before him.

26And David the son of Iyshay established Solomon his son in the Kingdom over all Israel. 27And the days when David reigned in the kingdom over all Israel was forty years; in Khebruun he reigned in the kingdom seven years, and in Jerusalem he reigned in the kingdom thirty and three years over all Israel and Yehuda.

28And David the son of Iyshay died in a good old age; he was old and the days of his life were full, and he had become great in the wealth of the world and in its honor, and Solomon his son reigned in the kingdom after him. 29And the words of David, King of Israel, the first and the last, those are written in the words of Shemueil the Prophet and in the words of Nathan the Prophet and in the words of Gad the Prophet 30All his kingdom and his heroism and the times that passed over him and over Israel and over all the kingdom of his land, because David did what is beautiful before LORD JEHOVAH, and he did not turn aside from anything that he commanded him all the days of his life.

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