Acts 17
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1They passed unto the cities Amphipolis and Apollonia and they came to Thessaloniqa where there was a synagogue of the Jews. 2And Paulus entered as he was accustomed with them, and on the third Sabbath he spoke with them from the Scripture, 3As he was expounding and showing: “The Messiah was going to suffer and rise from the grave, and he is Yeshua The Messiah, this one whom I proclaim to you.” 4And some of them believed and joined Paulus and Shila, and many of those Greeks who were worshipers of God, even notable women, not a few.

5And the Jews were envious and drew evil men to themselves from the streets of the city and formed a great mob; they were terrorizing the city and they came and raised them against the house of Jason and were seeking to bring them out from there to hand them over to the mob. 6And when they did not find them there, they dragged Jason and the brethren who were there and they brought them to The Governor of the city as they were crying out, “These have terrorized the whole area and behold, they have come here again!” 7“And this is their host, Jason, and these all oppose the commands of Caesar, while they are saying that there is another King, Yeshua.” 8But the Governor of the city and all the people were alarmed when they heard these things. 9And they took bail from Jason and also from the brethren and then they released them.

10But the brethren immediately that night sent Paulus and Shila to the city Berea. And when they came there, they were entering a synagogue of the Jews. 11For those Jews who were there were nobler than those Jews who were in Thessaloniqa, and they were hearing gladly from the word every day while they were distinguishing from Scripture whether these things were so. 12And many of them believed, and so also of the Greeks, many men and notable women. 13And when those Jews who were from Thessaloniqa knew that the word of God was preached by Paulus in the city Berea, they came there and did not cease to stir up and to alarm the populace. 14And the brethren sent Paulus to go down to the sea and Shila and Timotheos remained in the city. 15And those who accompanied Paulus came with him to Athens the city and when they left his presence, they took a letter from him to Shila and Timotheos that they should go quickly to him.

16But while Paulus remained in Athens, he was provoked in his spirit when he saw that the whole city was full of idols. 17And he was speaking in a synagogue with the Jews and with those who were worshipers of God and in the market place with those who gathered everyday. 18Also philosophers from the school of Epicurus and others who are called Stoics were debating with him and some of them were saying, “What does this collector of words want?” And others were saying, “He is proclaiming foreign gods”, because he was proclaiming Yeshua and his resurrection to them. 19And they took him and brought him to the place of judgment, which is called Arios-Pagos, while they were saying to him, “Can we know what this new teaching is that you proclaim?” 20“For you have sown strange words in our hearing and we wish to know what these things are.” 21But all the Athenians and those foreigners who come there are concerned about nothing except to tell and to hear something new.

22And when Paulus arose in Arios-Pagos, he said, “Men, Athenians, I see that in all things you excel in the worship of daemons.” 23“For as I was going around and beholding your temples, I found one altar on which it was written: “The Unknown God”; him therefore whom you do not know and yet worship, I proclaim to you.” 24“For The God who made the world, and everything whatsoever is in it, and is the Lord of the Heavens and of The Earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands.” 25“And he is not served by the hands of men, and he has no need of anything, because he gives every person life and a soul.” 26“And from one blood he made the whole world of humanity to be dwelling on the whole surface of The Earth and he marked out the times in his decrees and set the coasts of the dwelling places of humanity,” 27“So that they would be seeking and inquiring after God; and they may find him by his creation, because also he is not far from everyone of us.” 28“For it is by him that we have life and we move and exist; so also some of the wise men among you have said: “Our lineage is from him.” 29“Men, therefore, because our lineage is from God, we ought not to think that gold or silver or stone carved by the skill and knowledge of a man is like The Godhead.” 30“For God has banished the times of deception, and at this time he commands all the children of men: 'Everyone in every place shall return to God.'” 31“Because he has appointed the day in which he is going to judge the whole Earth in righteousness by the man whom he has designated and he has turned everyone to his faith in that he has raised him from among the dead.”

32And when they heard of the resurrection from among the dead, some of them were mocking and some were saying, “We shall hear you another time about this.” 33And so Paulus went out from among them. 34And some of them joined him and believed, but one of them was Dionysius of the Judges of Areos-Pagos, and one woman whose name was Damaris, and others with them.

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