Deuteronomy 9
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1"Listen, Israel, you cross today the Jordan to go to destroy the nations that are greater and mightier than you, and great and fortified cities and walled up to Heaven, 2People, great and high, children of giants whom you know, and you have heard that a man cannot stand before the giants! 3And that you will know today that LORD JEHOVAH your God crosses before you; He is consuming fire and he shall destroy them and he will cut them off from before you, and you shall put them to the sword and you shall destroy them quickly, as LORD JEHOVAH said to you.

4Do not say in your heart, when LORD JEHOVAH your God has cut them off from before you, ‘By my righteousness LORD JEHOVAH brought me to inherit this land’, because it is by the sins of these Gentiles that LORD JEHOVAH destroys them from before you. 5It was not by your righteousness and by the uprightness of your heart that you enter to inherit their land, but it is by the sins of these Gentiles LORD JEHOVAH your God destroys them from before you, and that He may establish the word that He swore to your fathers, to Abraham and to Isaac and to Yaquuv.

6And that you shall know that it was not by your righteousness LORD JEHOVAH your God gave you this good land to possess it, because you are people of hard necks.

7Remember and do not forget that you angered LORD JEHOVAH your God in the wilderness from the day that you came out from Egypt, and until you came to this region you have been rebellious before LORD JEHOVAH. 8And in Khoreeb you angered LORD JEHOVAH and LORD JEHOVAH was angry against you so that He would destroy you. 9When I went up to the mountain and I took the tablets of stone, the tablets of the covenant that LORD JEHOVAH covenanted with you, and I dwelt in the mountain forty days and forty nights, I ate no bread and I drank no water: 10And LORD JEHOVAH gave me two tablets of stone that are written with the finger of God, and on them were all of the words that LORD JEHOVAH spoke with you in the mountain from within the fire in the day of the assembly. 11And after forty days and forty nights, LORD JEHOVAH gave me the two tablets of stone, the tablets of the Covenant. 12And LORD JEHOVAH said to me, ‘Arise, go down quickly from here because your people are corrupt whom I brought out from Egypt; they have turned themselves quickly from the way that I have commanded them and they have made for themselves a molten image.’ 13And LORD JEHOVAH said to me: ‘I saw this people, and behold, the people is hard necked: 14Now let me destroy them and I shall blot out their name from under Heaven and I shall make you a stronger and more abundant people than they'.

15And I turned and I came down from the mountain and the mountain was burning in fire, and the two tablets of the Covenant were in both my hands. 16And I saw that you sinned against LORD JEHOVAH your God, and you had made for yourselves a calf of a molten image, and you had turned quickly from the way that LORD JEHOVAH your God commanded you. 17And I seized both of the tablets and I cast them from both my hands and I broke them in your sight. 18And I prayed before LORD JEHOVAH like from the first; for forty days and forty nights I ate no bread and I drank no water, for all of your sins that you sinned, and you did evil before LORD JEHOVAH and you enraged Him. 19Because I was afraid from before the anger and the wrath that LORD JEHOVAH raged against you that He would destroy you, and LORD JEHOVAH heard me also at that time. 20And LORD JEHOVAH raged against Aaron greatly to destroy him, and I prayed also for Aaron at that time. 21And I took the calf that you had made, by which you sinned, and I burned it in fire and I broke it in pieces and I pounded it greatly until it was pulverized like dust, and I threw its dust into the river that came down from the mountain.

22And in Yaqdanathe Burning and in Nesyonaythe Temptations and in Qabrey d'Ragya Regta –“The Graves of Lusting Lust” you were angering LORD JEHOVAH. 23And when LORD JEHOVAH sent you from Raqem d'Gaya and said to you: ‘Come up and inherit the land that I have given to you’, you provoked the Word of the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH to wrath and you did not believe him and you have not listened to his voice. 24You have been rebellious before LORD JEHOVAH from the day that I knew you.

25And I prayed before LORD JEHOVAH forty days and forty nights, because LORD JEHOVAH said that He would destroy you. 26And I prayed before LORD JEHOVAH and I said: ‘LORD JEHOVAH God, you shall not destroy your people and your inheritance which you have saved by your greatness and you brought out from Egypt by a mighty hand. 27But remember your Servants, Abraham and Isaac and Yaquuv; do not be turned away because of the hardness of this people, and by its evil, and by its sins. 28Lest the inhabitants of this land from which you brought them out will say, ‘Because LORD JEHOVAH was not able in power to bring them into the land of which He told them, and because he hated them, he brought them out to kill them in the wilderness.’ 29And those are your people and your inheritance whom you brought out by your great power and by your exalted arm.”

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