Job 37
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Also, for this, his heart will be moved and will move from its place

2Hear surely his voice in passion, the judgment that proceeds from his mouth

3Under all Heaven they will praise him, and his light upon the edges of the Earth

4In his place he will thunder with a voice of majesty, and he will not search them, because they hear his voice

5And God will thunder with his voice; he does wonders, also great things, and he is unknown

6Because he says to the snow: ‘Be on the Earth, and the rain and the great spring rain’

7By every man he certifies to make his works known to every man

8And the wild beast will enter into a lair and shall dwell in its den

9From the inner chambers will come the whirlwind, and from a violent rain, the cold

10And from the breath of God will be given ice crystal, and a multitude of waters going down

11And gently are spread out the clouds, and he scatters the clouds of his light

12And it turns around and it returns to perform counsel, everything that he commands them on the face of the world of his Earth

13For if for the Leaders or if for the land or if for the holy that are found in it

14Give ear to this, Job, and hear, and discern the wonders of God

15Behold, do you know the thing that God appointed upon them and he has revealed the light of his clouds?

16Do you know the going forth of clouds and the wonders of him who is without defect in knowledge?

17Your garments will be warm and the Earth will move from the south

18Will you spread out the mighty sky with him to uphold together?

19Teach me what I shall say to him, and we shall not be destroyed from before the darkness

20And I shall tell him what I shall say, and if a man will speak, he would be swallowed up

21And now they do not see the light; it is illuminated in the sky of Heaven, and the Spirit will pass and purify them

22From the North gold will come, and from God, light of The Almighty One

23Great power and judgment and great innocent ones he will not answer

24Because of this, the people will fear and all the wise of heart will be shaken by him

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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