Job 36
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1And Elihu added and said:

2“Wait for me a little and I shall show you, because there are more to God words

3I shall take my knowledge from a distance, and to my Maker I shall give the right

4However, my words truly have been revealed, and my doctrine is without defect with you

5Behold, God is mighty; he does not despise him that is pure as milk

6The evil has no life, and he gives justice to the afflicted

7For the righteous does not fail from before his eyes; he puts Kings on the throne, and they are lifted up for eternities

8And if are they bound in chains, they descend by corruption to poverty

9And he will show them their works and their crimes because they made themselves Masters

10And he will open their ears for instruction and he shall say that they should return from evil

11If they will hear and they will do, also their days will be perfected in goodness, and their years in pleasures

12And if they will not hear, they shall depart into destruction and they will come to an end without knowledge

13And the changeable of heart shall be consumed, and they will not wail in passion; they will wail when he will bind them

14And their soul shall die in youth, and they live in famine

15The afflicted shall escape in his affliction, and he will open their way in oppression

16Also he will deliver you from the mouth of the mocker, and a spacious place is substituted for distress, and he will set a table full of rich food

17And he will judge the wicked entirely with justice, and with justice they will be held captive

18He will not provoke you in the wrath of war, and he will not compel you with the abundance of salvation

19He will be joined to you that he may save you, that you will not be distressed by any mighty in power

20And he who removes one in the night also will give nations for your sake and peoples for the sake of your soul

21Beware that you not be changed by evil; because of this, you are tested in poverty

22God is mighty in power, who teaches like he?

23Who commands concerning his ways, and who says to him: ‘You have done evil?’

24Remember that his works are great, and all men praised him

25And the children of men saw him and they looked from a distance

26Behold, God is mighty and is not known, and the numbering of his years has no end

27If he will number the pillars of Heaven and will bind the drops of rain by himself

28That pour down the sky in time, and clouds sprinkle on the children of men, and they will rejoice greatly

29And who will understand and spreads a cloud from the abundance of his tabernacle?

30He spreads his light over them and he waters the covering of the sea

31Because by them he will judge the nations and he will give food to the many

32And with the hands he will cover the light, and he will go forth upon them that they may meet with him

33He will show his possessions to his friends, also to the evil

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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