Proverbs 8
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Because of this, wisdom preaches, and understanding will answer you.

2For on top of the high places is wisdom; between the roads and upon the side of the paths she stands.

3Over the gates with her mouth she calls, and in the entrances of the gates of The Glorious City.

4And she says, "To you, men, I call, and my voice to the children of men"

5That children may understand subtlety and the feeble minds may know in their heart.

6Hear me, because it is truth that I speak, and my mouth opens with uprightness.

7For my mouth ruminates truth and lying lips are unclean before me.

8And all these words of my mouth are in righteousness and there is no perversion or crookedness in them.

9All these are plain to him who perceives them and they are right to him who chooses to know them.

10Receive discipline and not silver, and choose for yourselves knowledge rather than refined gold.

11"Because wisdom is better than refined gold and better than precious stones, and nothing compares to it.”

12I, Wisdom, have created cunning and I own knowledge and reason.

13The worship of LORD JEHOVAH is hating evil; pomp, pride, the evil way, and the perverse mouth, I hate.

14Reason is mine and instruction; mine is understanding and mine is manly strength.

15Because of me, Kings rule, and Rulers search out righteousness.

16Because of me Rulers are authorized and Nobles and all Judges of righteousness.

17I love my friends, and those who seek me will find me.

18Riches and honor are mine, and possessions, old age and righteousness.

19My fruits are better than refined gold and my produce than choice silver.

20I walk in the way of righteousness and within the streets of judgment

21That I might leave hope as an inheritance to my friends, and I shall fill their treasures.

22LORD JEHOVAH created me at the beginning of his creation and from before all his works.

23And before the world he was possessed by me, and from the beginning, before he would establish the Earth.

24Before the depths would be, I was born, and before there would be waters in the springs.

25And before the mountains would be established, and before the hills, I was formed in the womb.

26Before he would make the Earth and the floods and the beginning of the dust of the world

27When the Heavens were established, I was with him, and when he made a circle over the face of the depths.

28And when he empowered the clouds from above and when he strengthened the springs of the depths,

29When he set the law of the Sea and the waters would not disobey his mouth, when he made the foundations of the Earth,

30I was fashioning with him; he was rejoicing in me every day, and I have been rejoicing before him always.

31I have been rejoicing in the world of his Earth and I have been glorying in the sons of man.

32Therefore, children, hear me: Blessed is he who keeps my ways.

33Hear instruction and receive wisdom and do not go astray.

34Blessed is the man who will listen to me and will keep watch upon my gates all day and guards the posts of my gates.

35Because my goings forth are the goings forth of Life, and so the will of LORD JEHOVAH goes forth.

36And those who sin against me harm their soul, and all who hate me are the friends of death.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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