Proverbs 7
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1My son, keep my words and hide my commandments in your heart.

2Keep my commandments and live, and my law like the pupil of the eye.

3Tie them on your neck and write them upon the tablets of your heart.

4Say to wisdom, " You are my sister”, and to understanding, "My expounder of knowledge.”

5For it will keep you from the estranged woman whose words are seductive.

6Because she looked out from a window of her house and from the balcony

7And she saw children and gazed on the boys and on the feebleminded

8Who pass by in the street, beside the corner of the road of her house.

9At evening, at setting of the sun, in the darkness of the night and in thick darkness

10A woman went forth to meet him in the attire of a harlot to make the young men's hearts flutter.

11She is rebellious and a prodigal, and her feet do not rest in her house,

12But she wanders outside from time to time in the streets, and she lies in wait on the corners.

13And she caught him and kissed him, and her face was bold, and she said to him:

14There are peace sacrifices today; I have paid my vows,

15Therefore I went out to meet you, for I've been waiting to see you and I found you.

16I have spread my bed on a carpet and with Egyptian bedspreads I have spread it;

17I have sprinkled myrrh on my bed and saffron crocus and cinnamon.

18Come let us delight in love until the morning and we shall embrace each other in desire,

19For my husband has not been in the house; he is gone on the road far away.

20He has taken the money bag of money in his hand and it will be for many days before he comes to his house.

21And she deceived him with the multitude of her words; in the flattery of her lips unto him, she enticed him.

22And he went after her like a child, and like a bull that goes with a butcher, and like a dog to captivity.

23And like a stag when an arrow flies into its liver, he hastens like a living bird to a snare, and does not know that it is to the death of his soul that he goes.

24Therefore, children, hear me and obey the words of my mouth.

25Do not incline your heart to her ways and do not go astray in her paths

26Because she has cast down a multitude of the slain and mighty ones; they all have been killed by her.

27The paths of her house are the paths of Sheol, of those descending to the chambers of death.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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