Psalm 38
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1LORD JEHOVAH, do not rebuke me in your wrath, neither discipline me in your anger.

2For your arrows have stuck in me and your hand has pressed against me.

3And there is no peace for my flesh from before your anger, and there is no peace for my bones from before my sins.

4For my crimes have passed above my head, and like heavy cargo, they are heavy for me.

5My wounds defile me and rot me even from the presence of my crime.

6I was very agitated and all day I have walked in sadness.

7Because my ankles are filled with shaking and there is no peace for my flesh.

8I shook and I was very saddened and I have been groaning from the moaning of my heart.

9LORD JEHOVAH, all my desire is before you and my sighs are not hidden from you.

10My heart is cast down and my power has left me, and the light of my eyes has not been with me.

11My friends and my neighbors have stood before my sorrow and my relatives have been staying at a distance.

12And those who seek my life and seek my affliction took me and have spoken lies and have been meditating deceit all day.

13But I, like a deaf man, have not heard, and like a dumb man, I did not open my mouth.

14I have been like a man who does not hear and there is no rebuke in his mouth.

15Because I have waited for you, LORD JEHOVAH, and you have answered me, LORD JEHOVAH, my God.

16Because I said, "Do not let them rejoice against me, and do not let them be exalted against me while my feet shake."

17Because I am prepared for suffering and my sorrow is always before me.

18For I shall declare to you my wrongdoing and I shall be purged from my sins.

19My enemies have been strengthened and have seen and my lying haters have increased.

20They have paid me evil for good and have regarded me with malice because I have sought good.

21Do not abandon me, LORD JEHOVAH, my God, and do not be far from me.

22But stay for my help and save me.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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