Psalm 89
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1I shall sing the grace of LORD JEHOVAH for eternity, and for a generation of generations I shall teach his faithfulness with my mouth,

2Because he said, "The world will be built in grace and Heaven will establish your faithfulness"!

3I have established a covenant for my chosen and I have sworn to David my Servant:

4I shall establish your seed for eternity and I shall build your throne for a generation of generations.

5The Heavens shall confess your wonders, LORD JEHOVAH, and your faithfulness in the congregation of the Holy Ones.

6Who is equal to LORD JEHOVAH in the Heaven of Heavens, and like LORD JEHOVAH among the children of Angels?

7God stands in the congregation of The Holy Ones, great and awesome above all who are around him!

8Oh, LORD JEHOVAH, God of hosts, who is strong like you? Your faithfulness is around you!

9You are The Ruler in the magnificence of the sea and you stop the tumult of its waves!

10You have humbled the proud like the slain, with your strong arm you have scattered your enemies!

11The Heavens are yours and the Earth is yours; you have prepared the world in its fullness.

12You have created the North and the South; Tabor and Herman sing your Name.

13Yours is the arm and yours is the might; your hand will prevail and you will lift up your right hand.

14Your throne is established in righteousness and in judgment, in grace and in truth before your face.

15Blessed is the people that knows your glory songs! LORD JEHOVAH, they will walk in the light of your face!

16And they will leap for joy in your Name all day and they will be exalted in your righteousness!

17Because you are the glory of our strength and our horn will be lifted up in your pleasure!

18Because LORD JEHOVAH is our trust and The Holy One of Israel is our King!

19Then he spoke in visions with his righteous ones and he said, "I have set help for a man and I have raised The Chosen One from the people.”

20And I have found David my Servant; I have anointed him with the oil of my holiness.

21My hand has helped him, also my arm gave him power.

22His enemy has availed nothing and the son of evil does not humble him.

23I shall destroy his enemies from before him and I shall defeat his haters.

24My faithfulness and my grace are with him and in my Name his trumpet will be lifted up.

25I shall put his hand on the sea and his right hand on the rivers.

26He will cry to me: 'You are my Father, my God and my mighty Savior'!

27Also I shall make him the firstborn and I shall exalt him above the Kings of the Earth.

28I shall keep my favor for him for eternity and my covenant will be steadfast with him.

29I shall establish his seat to eternity and his throne like the days of Heaven.

30If his children forsake my law and will not walk in my commands

31— Peshitta mss. do not contain verse 31:"if they profane My Precepts, and do not keep My Commandments”

32I shall adjudge their evil with a scepter and their sins with a scourge.

33And I shall not take my grace from him, neither shall I be false in my faith.

34Neither shall I reject my covenant, nor shall I change a thing that is gone forth from my lips.

35Once I have sworn in my holiness to David and I shall not lie.

36For his seed will continue for eternity and his throne like the sun before me.

37And he will be established like the moon for eternity, a faithful witness in Heaven.

38And you have forgotten me and despised me and you have turned away the face of your anointed!

39And you have despised the covenant of your Servant and you have cast his crown upon the ground!

40You have broken down his hedge and you pulled down his fortresses!

41And all who passed by the way trampled him and he has been a reproach to his neighbors!

42You have lifted the right hand of his enemies and you have gladdened all his haters!

43And you have turned away the aid of his sword and you have not upheld him in war!

44And you have destroyed his justifiers and you have pulled down his throne to the ground!

45And you have diminished the days of his youth and you have clothed him in shame!

46How long are you angry LORD JEHOVAH; to eternity? And your wrath burns like fire.

47Remember me from the pit, because it is not for nothing that you have created all the children of men!

48Who is the man who will live and will not see death and will save his soul from the hand of Sheol?

49Where are your former favors, LORD JEHOVAH, that you have sworn to David in faithfulness?

50Remember, LORD JEHOVAH, the reproach of your Servant, for I have carried the mockery of the peoples my whole life!

51Your enemies have reproached me, LORD JEHOVAH, and they have reproached the steps of your Anointed One!

52Blessed is LORD JEHOVAH to eternity. Amen and amen!

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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