1 Corinthians 15
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The Resurrection of Christ

1What I have explain'd to you, my brethren, is the gospel which I preached to you, which you have received, and wherein you have persisted: 2by which also you will be saved, if you so retain it as I preached it to you, unless you have believed without sufficient grounds.

3I acquainted you chiefly with what I received myself, that Christ died for our sins, as the scriptures foretold: 4that he was buried, and rose again the third day, as the scriptures foretold: 5that he was seen by Cephas, then by the twelve: 6after that, he was seen by above five hundred brethren at once: of whom the greater part remain alive to this day, but some are now dead. 7after that he was seen by James; then by all the apostles. 8and last of all, he was seen by me too, who am as it were an abortive; 9for I am the meanest of the apostles, not worthy the name of an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God. 10it is by the divine favour that I am what I am: and his favour to me was not in vain; no, I laboured more than they all: yet it was not I, it was the divine favour which assisted me. 11but whether I or they labour'd most, this is what we preach, and this is what you believed.

The Resurrection of the Dead

12Now if it has been declared, that Christ rose from the dead, how comes it, that some among you assert, "there is no resurrection of the dead?" 13for if there be no resurrection of the dead, then Christ is not risen. 14and if Christ be not risen, then our preaching is empty talk, and your faith even meer amusement. 15yea, and we are no better than enthusiastic impostors by affirming that God raised up Christ, when he never did raise him up. 16for if the dead are not raised, then was not Christ raised: 17and if Christ was not raised, your faith is meer illusion, your sins are not yet forgiven. 18then they too who died christians, are entirely lost. 19if our expectations as christians all terminate in this life, we of all men are most to be pitied.

The Order of Resurrection

20But Christ is actually risen, as previous to those who were dead. 21for since by man came death, by man the resurrection of the dead will likewise come. 22for as by Adam all die, even so by Christ shall all be restored to life. 23but every one in proper order: Christ has the precedence, next they who were Christians shall rise at his advent. 24and then will be the end, when he shall deliver up the kingdom to God even the father; after having abolished all rule, and all authority, and power. 25for he must reign, "till God has cast all his enemies under his feet." 26the last enemy that shall be destroyed, is death. 27for he hath subjected all things to him, but when it is said all things are subjected, it is plain that he is to be excepted, who did subject all things to him. 28and when all things shall be reduced under subjection to him, then shall the son also himself be subject to him that put all things under his subjection, that God may be all in all.

29If it be not so, what can they effect who are baptized for the dead? if the dead rise not at all, why are they then baptized for the dead? 30and why do we continually expose our lives to danger? 31I am daily receiving new mortifications, witness your cruel boastings against me, which I bear for the sake of Christ Jesus our Lord; 32besides, my engaging with those monsters, as I may say, at Ephesus, what advantage was it to me? if the dead don't rise, "let us eat and drink, for to-morrow we die." 33be not deceived: "vicious conversation corrupts good morals." 34rouze from your sins, as is but just; for some of you have not the knowledge of God: I speak it to your shame.

The Resurrection Body

35But some will say, how will the dead be raised? with what kind of body will they appear? 36foolish as you are, the grain you sow, is not revived except it die. 37and whatever you sow, you don't sow that body which shall afterwards appear, but only the bare grain of wheat, for instance, or of some other grain. 38but God gives it such a body, as he thinks fit, to every seed its peculiar body. 39All flesh is not of the same kind: but there is one kind that belongs to men, another to beasts, another to fishes, and another to birds. 40there are celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is of one kind, and the glory of the terrestrial of another. 41the glory of the sun is of one kind, the glory of the moon of another, and the glory of the stars still different; nay, one star differs from another star in glory.

42such will be the resurrection of the dead: the body is sown corruptible, it will be raised incorruptible. 43it is sown in dishonour, it will be raised in glory: it is sown in decay, it will be raised in power: 44it is sown an animal body, it will rise a spiritual body, there is an animal body, and there is a spiritual body. 45and so it is written, the first man Adam was made an animating soul, the last Adam was made a vivifying spirit. 46but the spiritual body was not first, but the animal; and afterwards the spiritual. 47the first man was formed from the dust of the earth: the second man was from heaven. 48as was the terrestrial, such are they also that are terrestrial: and as is the celestial, such also shall they be who are to be celestial. 49for as we have born the image of the terrestrial, so we shall bear the image of the celestial.

Where, O Death, Is Your Victory?

50this I say, my brethren, because the body, as it is at present, cannot possess the kingdom of God; and what is corruptible, can't enjoy incorruptibility. 51I shall now tell you a very great secret: we shall not all of us sleep, but we shall all be changed, 52in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the sound of the last trumpet (for the trumpet shall sound) and the dead shall rise incorruptible; but as for us, we shall be changed. 53for this corruptible body must be invested with incorruptibility, this mortal be invested with immortality. 54but when this corruptible shall be invested with incorruptibility, and this mortal with immortality, then shall be fulfilled that passage of scripture, " death is swallowed up for ever." 55"O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?" 56the sting of death was sin; and the strength of sin was the law. 57but thanks be to God, who has given us the victory, thro' our Lord Jesus Christ.

58therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye inflexibly steady, and continually surpass others in the work of the Lord, knowing that he will not leave your christian labour unrewarded.

Daniel Mace New Testament (1729)

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