Psalm 25
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1I will lift up my soul to you, LORD.1By David. O LORD, I come before you in prayer.
2I trust in you, my God, do not let me be ashamed; do not let my enemies triumph over me.2My God, I trust in you. Please do not let me be humiliated; do not let my enemies triumphantly rejoice over me!
3Indeed, no one who waits on you will be ashamed, but those who offend for no reason will be put to shame.3Certainly none who rely on you will be humiliated. Those who deal in treachery will be thwarted and humiliated.
4Cause me to understand your ways, LORD; teach me your paths.4Make me understand your ways, O LORD! Teach me your paths!
5Guide me in your truth and teach me; for you are the God who delivers me. All day long I have waited for you.5Guide me into your truth and teach me. For you are the God who delivers me; on you I rely all day long.
6Remember, LORD, your tender mercies and your gracious love; indeed, they are eternal!6Remember your compassionate and faithful deeds, O LORD, for you have always acted in this manner.
7Do not remember my youthful sins and transgressions; but remember me in light of your gracious love, in light of your goodness, LORD.7Do not hold against me the sins of my youth or my rebellious acts! Because you are faithful to me, extend to me your favor, O LORD!
8The LORD is good and just; therefore he will teach sinners concerning the way.8The LORD is both kind and fair; that is why he teaches sinners the right way to live.
9He will guide the humble to justice; he will teach the humble his way.9May he show the humble what is right! May he teach the humble his way!
10All the paths of the LORD lead to gracious love and truth for those who keep his covenant and his decrees. 10The LORD always proves faithful and reliable to those who follow the demands of his covenant.
11For the sake of your name, LORD, forgive my sin, for it is great.11For the sake of your reputation, O LORD, forgive my sin, because it is great.
12Who is the man who fears the LORD? God will teach him the path he should choose.12The LORD shows his faithful followers the way they should live.
13He will experience good things; his descendants will inherit the earth.13They experience his favor; their descendants inherit the land.
14The intimate counsel of the LORD is for those who fear him so they may know his covenant.14The LORD's loyal followers receive his guidance, and he reveals his covenantal demands to them.
15My eyes look to the LORD continuously, because he's the one who releases my feet from the trap. 15I continually look to the LORD for help, for he will free my feet from the enemy's net.
16Turn toward me and have mercy on me, for I am lonely and oppressed.16Turn toward me and have mercy on me, for I am alone and oppressed!
17The troubles of my heart have increased; bring me out of my distress!17Deliver me from my distress; rescue me from my suffering!
18Look upon my distress and affliction; forgive all my sins.18See my pain and suffering! Forgive all my sins!
19Look how many enemies I have gained! They hate me with a vicious hatred.19Watch my enemies, for they outnumber me; they hate me and want to harm me.
20Preserve my life and deliver me; do not let me be ashamed, because I take refuge in you.20Protect me and deliver me! Please do not let me be humiliated, for I have taken shelter in you!
21Integrity and justice will preserve me, because I wait on you.21May integrity and godliness protect me, for I rely on you!
22Redeem Israel, God, from all its troubles.22O God, rescue Israel from all their distress!
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