2 Samuel 1
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1And it was after Shaul was dead and David returned from slaughtering the Amalekites and David dwelt in Tsenqlag two days 2And it was on the third day, and behold a man came from the camp from the presence of Shaul; his clothes were ripped and there was dirt on his head, and it was that when he came to David, he fell on the ground and he bowed to him 3And David said to him: “From where have you come?” And he said to him: “From the camp of Israel I have escaped” 4And David said to him: “What is the message? Tell me!” And he said: “The people fled from battle, also many of the people had fallen, and Shaul and Yonathan his son died” 5And David said to the young man: “Tell me how Shaul died and Yonathan his son” 6And young man said to him: “I happened to be in the mountain of Gelbua, and behold, Shaul leaned on his scepterspear, and chariots and men horsemen overtook him 7And he turned back and he saw me and called me, and I said, “Here I am!” 8And he said to me, “Who are you?” And I said to him, “I am an Amalekite!” 9And he said to me: “Arise against me and kill me, because terror has seized me and all my soul within me!” 10And I arose against him and I killed him, because I knew that he would not live after his fall, and I took the crown was that on his head and the bracelet that was on his arm, and I have brought them to my Lord here”

11And David grasped on his garments and he ripped them, also all the men who were with him 12And they mourned and they wept and they fasted until evening for Shaul, and for Jonathan his son, and for the people of LORD JEHOVAH, and for the sons of Israel who fell by the sword 13And David said to the youth who told him: “From where are you?” And he said to him: “I am son of a man, a proselyte, an Amalekite” 14And David said to him: “How were you not afraid to stretch your hand to destroy the Anointed One of LORD JEHOVAH?” 15And David called another of the young men and said to him: “Come near; fall upon him!” And he came, he fell upon him, and he struck him and he died 16And David said to him: “Your blood be on your head, because your mouth is a witness against you, because you said, "I have killed the Anointed One of LORD JEHOVAH"

17And David lamented this lamentation for Shaul and for Jonathan his son 18And he said to teach the children of Yehuda the bow. Behold it is written in the book of Ashir:

19“Israel the deer on your high places is slain! How the mighty ones have fallen!

20You shall not tell it in Gath, and you shall not announce in the streets of Ashqelon, lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, and lest the daughters of the uncircumcised dance for joy!

21Mountains of Gelbua, there will be neither dew nor rain on you and the fields that are choice, for there was broken the shield of the mighty ones, the shield of Shaul who was anointed with oil!

22From the blood of the slain and from the fat of the mighty the bow of Yonathan was not turned back, and the sword of Shaul had not returned empty!

23Shaul and Yonathan were lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not separated. They were swifter than eagles, and they were stronger than lions!

24Daughters of Israel, weep for Shaul who was clothing you in scarlet with dyed garments and was putting images of gold on your clothes!

25How the mighty ones have fallen in the midst of the battle! Jonathan, on your high places they are slain!

26I have been grieving myself for you my brother Jonathan! You have been beloved to me! Very precious was your love to me, more than the love of women!

27How the mighty ones have fallen, and the weapons of war are destroyed!

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