Proverbs 28
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1The evil will flee when there is no one chasing them, and the righteous are as confident as a lion.

2Among the evil of the Earth are its many Rulers, and the righteous children of men who know righteousness endure.

3A poor man that harms the poor is like a beating rain with no benefit in it.

4Those that forsake the Law praise evil and those that keep the Law strengthen their souls.

5Evil men do not understand judgment, and they that seek LORD JEHOVAH know all good things.

6The poor walks in integrity and the rich perverts his way.

7He that keeps the law is an intelligent son and he that serves worthlessness shames his father.

8He that increases his property by contract and from usury will leave it to him that shows mercy upon the poor.

9He that shuts his ears that he will not hear the Law, even his prayer is defiled.

10He that leads an upright one astray into the way of evil will fall into a ditch and the innocent will inherit good things.

11The rich man is wise in his own eyes and a poor intelligent one condemns him.

12By the strength of the righteous ones, glory increases, and in the rise of the evil ones it is diminished.

13A son of man that will hide his evil will not succeed, and God will be moved with compassion upon him that confesses to his sins and passes from them.

14Blessed is the man that senses awe always, and he that hardens his heart will fall into evil.

15The lion roars and the bear has given a sound because an evil one rules over poor people.

16Many are the griefs of the Ruler lacking a mind and whoever hates deceit prolongs his days.

17A son of man that is guilty of the blood of a soul will flee unto the elected ones and they will not help him.

18He that walks without blemish will be redeemed and he that perverts his ways will fall into a pit.

19He that cultivates the soil will be satisfied with bread and he that runs after worthlessness will be filled with poverty.

20Many are the blessings of a faithful man and an evil one will not be spared in his evil.

21A man that favors persons is not good, for by a piece of bread he betrays a man.

22A man with an evil eye hastens to be rich and he does not know that loss has come upon him.

23He that rebukes a son of man finds more favor than he that is duplicitous with his tongue.

24He that plunders his father and his mother and says, "I have no sin”, is a partner with an evil man.

25The covetous man stirs up contention and he that is assured by LORD JEHOVAH will grow fat.

26He that trusts upon his own heart is a fool and he that walks in integrity will be delivered.

27He that gives to the poor will not lack it, and he that turns his eyes from the poor will increase his curse.

28In the rise of the evil a son of man is hidden, and in their destruction the righteous will be multiplied.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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