1 Timothy 2
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1I entreat, then, first of all, that heart-felt petitions (entreaty for a need in lack, supplication, latin-obsecrationes-petitions at roots-beseech/petition/solicitation), prayers, intercessions (intervention, intersection that hits the mark, latin-postulationes-requirements-roots-demands/ask/postulate which means to suggest an idea or theory that starts a discussion), and thanksgivings, be made (done) for all men; 2For the sake of kings and all who are in prominence (eminence, superiority), so that we might lead (carry over, pass time, live) a quiet (undisturbed and tranquil because composed and discreet, latin-quietam-ease) and tranquil (latin-tranquillam-tranquil) life (bios and vitam) in all reverence (piety, godliness, well venerate, latin-pietate, a good inner response to the things of God) and gravity (dignity, gravity referring to what has real weight/dignity, dignity because weighty, moral and spiritual gravity that invites reverence from others, seriousness, solemnly respectable, venerableness); 3This is good (kalon) and gladly acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, 4Who wishes (desires, wants) all men to be saved and comes unto the knowledge (upon knowing, recognition) of the truth. 5For there is one God and one mediator (in the middle) between God and men, the man Christ Jesus- 6The One having given Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony in its own times, 7Unto which I was appointed a herald (proclaimer, preacher, “town-crier” proclaiming critical news for the public, latin-praedicator-preacher) and an apostle- I am speaking the truth; I do not lie- a teacher of the ethnicities in faith and truth.

8I resolutely plan then, that men pray in every place, lifting up holy hands, apart from wrath (settled anger in opposition) and back and forth reasoning (deliberating, debates, latin-disceptatione-debate-root-dispute).

9Likewise women also adorn themselves in orderly (well-arranged, seemly, proper) attire with modesty and moderation (sound-mindedness, temperance, discretion, moderated/regulated/balanced sound/safe perspective) soundness of mind, sobriety, sound outlook because moderated/balanced), not with braided hair (braiding, anything interwoven) or gold or pearls or very costly (very precious) clothing, 10But rather what is becoming (fitting to, suitable, proper) to women professing (promising, upon announcing) the fear of God through good works. 11Let a woman learn in stillness (calmness, quietness, calmly quietness) in all subjection (submissiveness, latin-subiectione-subjection, arrange under); 12However, I do not permit (latin-permitto) a woman to teach or dominate over (govern, exercise self-authority over, domineer over, unilaterally take up arms, self-appoint over, self-arms/armor, usurp authority over, be autocratic over, latin-dominari-dominate) a man, but rather be in calm quietness (stillness); 13For Adam was first formed (moulded) then Eve; 14And Adam was not deceived (lured into deception, deluded), however the woman, having been wholly deceived (deceived into illusion, hood-winked), has come unto transgression (overstepping the line, go contrary). 15And she will be saved through childbearing if they abide in faith and love and holiness with sound-mindedness (moderated/balanced/regulated sound/safe perspective).

1 Timothy 1
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