Philippians 2
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1If, then, any entreaty (latin- consolatio) in Christ, if any solace (solacium) of love, if any fellowship (greek-koinonia, latin- societas) of the Spirit, if any deep gut-level affections (visceral deep emotions, latin- viscera) and sympathetic compassions (visceral pity, sympathy, empathy), 2fulfill my joy so that you may be of the same perspective (mind) having the same love, joined in soul, of one minding. 3Do nothing according to rivalrous self-interest and not according to empty conceit (vainglory, cheap pride), but rather in humble perspective (tapeinos-phren, lowly mind, humility of mind, latin- humilitae), supposing (highly regarding, counting others in the lead, esteem) one another superior to (latin-superiores, have above, prominent, surpass) themselves, 4Each not looking attentively (scoping) to the things of themselves, but rather each to the things of others.

5Let this perspective be in you which is also in Christ Jesus, 6Who, already existing in the form of God, did not suppose (esteem, count) it something to be seized to be equal (greek-isos, latin-aequalem, identical, equivalent) with God, 7but rather emptied Himself, having taken the form of a bond-slave, having emerged (become, been born) in the same likeness of men. 8And having been found in outer appearance as a man, He humbled Himself, having become compliant even to death, even the death of the cross. 9Therefore, God also highly exalted (elevate beyond/above) Him and graced to Him the name above (beyond, over) every name, 10so that at (in) the name of Jesus every knee should bow upon heaven and upon earth and under the ground/earth (subterranean, latin- infernorum like inferno, its root inferno translates as hell, of note the greek words for upon earth and under the earth are different- roots ge vs. chthon), 11And every tongue (glossa) should wholly confess (fully agree, wholly say the same thing about) that Jesus Christ is Lord unto the glory of God the Father.

12Therefore, my beloved, just as you have always complied, not as in my presence only but rather now much more in my absence work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. 13For God is working in you to will and to work on behalf of His good pleasure.

14Do all things apart from grumblings (murmurings, mutterings, latin- murmurationibus) and disputings (back and forth reasonings), 15So that you may be blameless (not to find blame, free from fault) and unmixed, children of God, unblemished in the middle of a crooked (bent because dried out, greek- skolios) and distorted (perverted, thoroughly turn, latin- perversae) among (in) whom you shine as lights in the world, 16Holding forth the word of life unto a boast to me unto the day of Christ, so that I did not run unto vanity nor unto vain wearisome labor. 17But rather if I am being poured out as a drink offering upon the sacrifice and service of your faith, I rejoice and rejoice together with all you. 18Likewise you also rejoice and rejoice together with me.

19And I hope in the Lord Jesus to soon send Timothy to you, so that I too may be good-souled having known the things about you. 20For I have no one of equal-soul who genuinely will care for the things about you. 21For all are seeking the things of themselves, not the things of Jesus Christ. 22But you know the proven genuineness of him that as a father with a child, he has ministered with me unto the gospel. 23Him therefore I hope to send immediately when I have seen to the things concerning me. 24However, I am confident in the Lord that I myself will also come soon.

25And I supposed it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother and fellow worker and fellow soldier, your apostle (apostolon) and public servant (latin-ministrum) of my need, 26Since he was longing after all you and being deeply distressed because you heard that he was sick (ill, weak, latin-infirmatum). 27For he was sick nearly unto death, but rather God had mercy on him and not on him only, but rather also on me so that I should not have sorrow upon sorrow. 28Therefore, I have sent him all the more eagerly (more speedily/earnestly), so that having seen him again you may rejoice and I may be less sorrowful. 29Therefore, welcomingly receive him in the Lord with all joy and hold such in honor (valued, precious), 30Since he came near until death because of the work of Christ having disregarded (risked) his soul (life) so that he may fill up (make up, fulfill) your deficit (lack) of service to me.

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