Genesis 24
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1And Abraham [is] old, he has entered into days, and YHWH has blessed Abraham in all [things]; 2and Abraham says to his servant, the eldest of his house, who is ruling over all that he has, “Please put your hand under my thigh, 3and I cause you to swear by YHWH, God of the heavens and God of the earth, that you do not take a wife for my son from the daughters of the Canaanite, in the midst of whom I am dwelling; 4but to my land and to my family you go, and have taken a wife for my son, for Isaac.” 5And the servant says to him, “It may be the woman is not willing to come after me to this land; do I at all cause your son to return to the land from where you came out?” 6And Abraham says to him, “Take heed to yourself lest you cause my son to return there; 7YHWH, God of the heavens, who has taken me from the house of my father, and from the land of my birth, and who has spoken to me, and who has sworn to me, saying, To your seed I give this land, He sends His messenger before you, and you have taken a wife for my son from there; 8and if the woman is not willing to come after you, then you have been acquitted from this my oath: only you do not cause my son to return there.” 9And the servant puts his hand under the thigh of Abraham his lord, and swears to him concerning this matter.

10And the servant takes ten camels of the camels of his lord and goes, also of all the goods of his lord in his hand, and he rises, and goes to Aram-Naharaim, to the city of Nahor; 11and he causes the camels to kneel at the outside of the city, at the well of water, at evening, at the time of the coming out of the women who draw water. 12And he says, “YHWH, God of my lord Abraham, please cause to meet before me this day—(and do kindness with my lord Abraham; 13behold, I am standing by the fountain of water, and daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water; 14and it has been, the young person to whom I say, Please incline your pitcher and I drink, and she has said, Drink, and I also water your camels)—her [whom] You have decided for Your servant, for Isaac; and by it I know that You have done kindness with my lord.”

15And it comes to pass, before he has finished speaking, that behold, Rebekah (who was born to Bethuel, son of Milcah, wife of Nahor, brother of Abraham) is coming out, and her pitcher on her shoulder, 16and the young person [is] of very good appearance, a virgin, and a man has not known her; and she goes down to the fountain, and fills her pitcher, and comes up. 17And the servant runs to meet her and says, “Please let me swallow a little water from your pitcher”; 18and she says, “Drink, my lord”; and she hurries, and lets down her pitcher on her hand, and gives him drink. 19And she finishes giving him drink and says, “Also for your camels I draw until they have finished drinking”; 20and she hurries, and empties her pitcher into the drinking-trough, and runs again to the well to draw, and draws for all his camels. 21And the man, wondering at her, remains silent, to know whether YHWH has made his way prosperous or not.

22And it comes to pass, when the camels have finished drinking, that the man takes a golden ring (whose weight [is] a bekah), and two bracelets for her hands (whose weight [is] ten [bekahs] of gold), 23and says, “Whose daughter [are] you? Please declare to me, is the house of your father a place for us to lodge in?” 24And she says to him, “I [am] daughter of Bethuel, son of Milcah, whom she has borne to Nahor.” 25She also says to him, “Both straw and provender [are] abundant with us, also a place to lodge in.” 26And the man bows, and pays respect to YHWH, 27and says, “Blessed [is] YHWH, God of my lord Abraham, who has not left off His kindness and His truth with my lord—I [being] in the way, YHWH has led me to the house of my lord’s brothers.”

28And the young person runs, and declares to the house of her mother according to these words. 29And Rebekah has a brother, and his name [is] Laban, and Laban runs to the man who [is] outside, to the fountain; 30indeed, it comes to pass, when he sees the ring, and the bracelets on the hands of his sister, and when he hears the words of his sister Rebekah, saying, “Thus has the man spoken to me,” that he comes to the man, and behold, he is standing by the camels by the fountain. 31And he says, “Come in, O blessed one of YHWH! Why do you stand outside—and I have prepared the house and place for the camels?” 32And he brings in the man into the house, and looses the camels, and gives straw and provender for the camels, and water to wash his feet, and the feet of the men who [are] with him: 33and sets before him to eat; but he says, “I do not eat until I have spoken my word”; and he says, “Speak.” 34And he says, “I [am] Abraham’s servant; 35and YHWH has blessed my lord exceedingly, and he is great; and He gives to him flock, and herd, and silver, and gold, and menservants, and maidservants, and camels, and donkeys; 36and Sarah, my lord’s wife, bears a son to my lord, after she has been aged, and he gives to him all that he has. 37And my lord causes me to swear, saying, You do not take a wife to my son from the daughters of the Canaanite, in whose land I am dwelling. 38If not—to the house of my father you go, and to my family, and you have taken a wife for my son. 39And I say to my lord, It may be the woman does not come after me; 40and he says to me, YHWH, before whom I have habitually walked, sends His messenger with you, and has prospered your way, and you have taken a wife for my son from my family, and from the house of my father; 41then you are acquitted from my oath, when you come to my family; and if they do not give [one] to you, then you have been acquitted from my oath.

42And I come to the fountain today, and I say, YHWH, God of my lord Abraham, now if You are making prosperous my way in which I am going— 43(behold, I am standing by the fountain of water), then the virgin is coming out to draw, and I have said to her, Please let me drink a little water from your pitcher, 44and she has said to me, Both drink, and I also draw for your camels—she is the woman whom YHWH has decided for my lord’s son.

45Before I finish speaking to my heart, then behold, Rebekah is coming out, and her pitcher [is] on her shoulder, and she goes down to the fountain and draws; and I say to her, Please let me drink, 46and she hurries and lets down her pitcher from off her and says, Drink, and I also water your camels; and I drink, and she has also watered the camels. 47And I ask her, and say, Whose daughter [are] you? And she says, Daughter of Bethuel, son of Nahor, whom Milcah has borne to him, and I put the ring on her nose, and the bracelets on her hands, 48and I bow, and pay respect before YHWH, and I bless YHWH, God of my lord Abraham, who has led me in the true way to receive the daughter of my lord’s brother for his son. 49And now, if you are dealing kindly and truly with my lord, declare to me; and if not, declare to me; and I turn to the right or to the left.”

50And Laban answers—Bethuel also—and they say, “The thing has gone out from YHWH; we are not able to speak to you bad or good; 51behold, Rebekah [is] before you, take and go, and she is a wife to your lord’s son, as YHWH has spoken.”

52And it comes to pass, when the servant of Abraham has heard their words, that he bows himself toward the earth before YHWH; 53and the servant takes out vessels of silver, and vessels of gold, and garments, and gives to Rebekah; precious things also he has given to her brother and to her mother. 54And they eat and drink, he and the men who [are] with him, and lodge all night; and they rise in the morning, and he says, “Send me to my lord”; 55and her brother says—her mother also, “Let the young person abide with us a week or ten days, afterward she goes.” 56And he says to them, “Do not delay me, seeing YHWH has prospered my way; send me away, and I go to my lord”; 57and they say, “Let us call for the young person, and inquire of her mouth”; 58and they call for Rebekah, and say to her, “Do you go with this man?” And she says, “I go.” 59And they send away their sister Rebekah, and her nurse, and Abraham’s servant, and his men;

60and they bless Rebekah, and say to her, “You [are] our sister; become thousands of myriads, and your seed possesses the gate of those hating it.”

61And Rebekah and her young women arise, and ride on the camels, and go after the man; and the servant takes Rebekah and goes.

62And Isaac has come in from the entrance of the Well of the Living One, my Beholder; and he is dwelling in the land of the south, 63and Isaac goes out to meditate in the field, at the turning of the evening, and he lifts up his eyes, and looks, and behold, camels are coming. 64And Rebekah lifts up her eyes, and sees Isaac, and comes down off the camel; 65and she says to the servant, “Who [is] this man who is walking in the field to meet us?” And the servant says, “It [is] my lord”; and she takes the veil, and covers herself. 66And the servant recounts to Isaac all the things that he has done, 67and Isaac brings her into the tent of his mother Sarah, and he takes Rebekah, and she becomes his wife, and he loves her, and Isaac is comforted after [the death of] his mother.

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