5274. hupolambanó
Strong's Concordance
hupolambanó: to take or bear up, to receive, to assume
Original Word: ὑπολαμβάνω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: hupolambanó
Phonetic Spelling: (hoop-ol-am-ban'-o)
Definition: to take or bear up, to receive, to assume
Usage: (a) I take up, (b) I welcome, entertain, (c) I answer, (d) I suppose, imagine.
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from hupo and lambanó
to take or bear up, to receive, to assume
NASB Translation
received (1), replied (1), support (1), suppose (2).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 5274: ὑπολαμβάνω

ὑπολαμβάνω; 2 aorist ὑπέλαβον;

1. "to take up (literally, under (cf. ὑπό, III. 1)) in order to raise, to bear on high (Herodotus 1, 24); to take up and carry away" (ὥσπερ νῆα ἄνεμοι ὑπολαβόντες, Stobaeus, serm. 6, p. 79, 17): τινα, Acts 1:9 (see ὀφθαλμός, middle).

2. to receive hospitably, welcome: τινα, 3 John 1:8 L T Tr WH (Xenophon, an. 1, 1, 7).

3. to take up i. e. follow in speech, in order either to reply to or controvert or supplement what another has said (very often so in secular authors from Herodotus down): ὑπολαβών εἶπεν, Luke 10:30 (for עָנָה, Job 2:4; Job 4:1; Job 6:1; Job 9:1; Job 11:1; Job 12:1, etc.).

4. to take up in the mind, i. e. to assume, suppose: Acts 2:15; followed by ὅτι (namely, πλεῖον ἀγαπήσει), Luke 7:43 (Job 25:3; Tobit 6:18; Wis. 17:2; 3Macc. 3:8; 4 Macc. 5:17 (18) etc.,and often in secular authors from Xenophon, and Plato down).

STRONGS NT 5274a: ὑπόλειμμαὑπόλειμμα (ὑπόλιμμα WH (see their Appendix, p. 154; cf. Iota), ὑπολειμματος, τό, a remnant (see κατάλειμμα): Romans 9:27 L T Tr WH. (The Sept.; Aristotle, Theophrastus, Plutarch, Galen.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
assume, receive

From hupo and lambano; to take from below, i.e. Carry upward; figuratively, to take up, i.e. Continue a discourse or topic; mentally, to assume (presume) -- answer, receive, suppose.

see GREEK hupo

see GREEK lambano

Forms and Transliterations
υπελαβεν υπέλαβεν ὑπέλαβεν υπέλαβες υπέλαβές υπελάβομεν υπέλαβον υπέλαβόν υπελάμβανον υπολάβης υπολάβητε υπολάβοι υπολαβόντες υπολαβων υπολαβών ὑπολαβὼν υπολαμβανειν ὑπολαμβάνειν υπολαμβανετε υπολαμβάνετε ὑπολαμβάνετε Υπολαμβανω υπολαμβάνω Ὑπολαμβάνω υπόλειμμα hypelaben hypélaben hypolabon hypolabōn hypolabṑn hypolambanein hypolambánein hypolambanete hypolambánete Hypolambano Hypolambanō Hypolambáno Hypolambánō upelaben upolabon upolabōn upolambanein upolambanete Upolambano Upolambanō
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Englishman's Concordance
Luke 7:43 V-PIA-1S
GRK: Σίμων εἶπεν Ὑπολαμβάνω ὅτι ᾧ
NAS: and said, I suppose the one whom
KJV: and said, I suppose that [he], to whom
INT: Simon said I take it that [he] to whom

Luke 10:30 V-APA-NMS
GRK: ὑπολαβὼν ὁ Ἰησοῦς
NAS: Jesus replied and said, A man
KJV: And Jesus answering said, A certain
INT: having taken [it] up Jesus

Acts 1:9 V-AIA-3S
GRK: καὶ νεφέλη ὑπέλαβεν αὐτὸν ἀπὸ
NAS: on, and a cloud received Him out of their sight.
KJV: and a cloud received him out of
INT: and a cloud hid him from

Acts 2:15 V-PIA-2P
GRK: ὡς ὑμεῖς ὑπολαμβάνετε οὗτοι μεθύουσιν
NAS: are not drunk, as you suppose, for it is [only] the third
KJV: as ye suppose, seeing it is
INT: as you take it these are drunkards

3 John 1:8 V-PNA
GRK: οὖν ὀφείλομεν ὑπολαμβάνειν τοὺς τοιούτους
NAS: we ought to support such men,
INT: therefore ought to receive such

Strong's Greek 5274
5 Occurrences

ὑπέλαβεν — 1 Occ.
ὑπολαβὼν — 1 Occ.
ὑπολαμβάνειν — 1 Occ.
ὑπολαμβάνετε — 1 Occ.
Ὑπολαμβάνω — 1 Occ.

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