2 Kings 10
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1And Akhab had seventy sons in Samaria, and the Princes of the city had raised them. And Yahu wrote a letter and he sent it to Samaria, to the Princes and to the Elders and to the Tutors of Akhab, saying. 2“In the moment that this letter has come to you and the sons of your Master with you, and chariots and horses with you, and the fortified cities and a supply of arms 3And whomever you see who is good and beautiful of the sons of your Master, seat on the throne of his father and fight for the household of your Master.” 4And they were very afraid when they heard, and they said: “Behold, two Kings have not stood before him! How shall we stand before him?” 5And the Steward and the Governor of the city and the Elders and the Tutors sent to Yahu, and they said: “We are your Servants, and everything that you said to us we will do, and we will not make a man king over us. Everything that is beautiful in your eyes, do!” 6And he wrote them a letter a second time and said: “If you are mine and you are listening to my voice, take the heads of the sons of your Master and bring them to me tomorrow at this time to Yizreil.” And the sons of the King were seventy men, and the Princes of the city had been raising them. 7And when the letter had arrived, they took the sons of the King and they slaughtered them, seventy men, and they placed their heads in reed baskets and they sent them to him in Yizreil. 8And a Messenger came and he told him and said: “They have brought the heads of the sons of the King.” And he said: pile them in two piles at the entrance of the gate until the morning.” 9And he went out at dawn and said to all the people: “You are righteous, since I rebelled against my Lord, and I killed him. Who killed all these? 10Know therefore that no word of LORD JEHOVAH falls on the Earth of all that LORD JEHOVAH said against the household of Akhab, and LORD JEHOVAH has done the thing that he spoke by the hand of his Servant Elyah!” 11And Yahu put to the sword everyone who was found of the house of Akhab in Yizreil, and all his Princes and his relatives and his Priests, and he did not leave him a survivor.

12And he stood up, he went and entered Samaria and he was breaking down the high places which were on the way. 13And Yehu found the brothers of Ekhazyah King of Yehuda and said to them: “Who are you?” They said to him: “We are the brothers of Ekhazyah, and we are going down for the greeting of the sons of the King and of the sons of the Queen!” 14And he said: “Take them alive!” And they seized them and they killed them, and they cast them into a pit, fortytwo men, and he did not leave a man of them.

15And he went on from there and he found Yonadab, son of Rakeb, as he came to meet him, and he blessed him, and said to him: “Is integrity in your heart as in my heart with your heart?” And Yonadab said: “There is and there is!” And he said to him: “Give your hand!” And he gave his hand and took him up to himself to the chariot. 16And he said to him: “Come with me and see when I am zealous for LORD JEHOVAH!” And he set him with him in the chariot. 17And he entered Samaria and put to the sword everyone who was found in the house of Akhab in Samaria until he destroyed them, according to the word of LORD JEHOVAH that Elyah spoke.

18And Yahu gathered all the people and said to them: “Akhab worked for Baala a little. Yahu will work for him greatly!” 19And now all the Prophets of Baala and all his Priests and summon to me all serving him, and a man will not be delinquent, for I am making a great sacrifice to Baala, and none who will disregard shall live!” And Yehu did it by treachery to destroy the Servants of Baala. 20And Yahu said: “Summon all the multitude to Baala!” And they summoned them. 21And Yahu sent to all Israel, and all the worshipers of Baala came, and no man was left who did not come, and they entered the house of Baala, and the house of Baala was filled wall to wall. 22And he said to the Steward: “Bring out clothing for all the worshipers of Baala!” And he brought out clothing to them. 23And Yahu and Yonadab, son of Rakeb, entered the house of Baala, and Yahu to the worshipers of Baala: “Search and see lest there is with you here any of the Servants of LORD JEHOVAH, but only the worshipers of Baal by themselves!” 24And they entered to make sacrifices and offerings, and Yehu stationed for himself on the outside three hundred and eighty men, and he said: “A man who escapes of the men whom I deliver to you, his life shall be in the place of his life!”

25And when they finished making sacrifices and offerings, Yahu said to the Couriers and to the Mighty Men: “Go in! Put them to the sword, and let no man come forth from them!” And they attacked them with the mouth of the sword and the Couriers and Mighty Men threw them down, and they went unto the city of the house of Baala. 26And they took out the statue of the house of Baala and they burned it in fire. 27And he threw down the statue of Baala and they threw down the house of Baala, and they made it the place of a bathroom until today.

28And Yahu destroyed Baal from Israel.

29Only from the sins of Yorbaam son of Nebat who caused to sin Israel Yahu did not turn aside, from the calves of gold that were in Bayth El and in Dan. 30And LORD JEHOVAH said to Yahu: “Because you have done what is excellent before me and you have done all that is in my heart to the house of Akhab, four sons will be seated for you on the throne of Israel.” 31And Yehu was not careful to walk in the Torah of LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel, from all his heart, and he did not turn aside from the sins of Yorbaam, son of Nebat, who caused Israel to sin.

32And in those days, LORD JEHOVAH began to be weary of Israel, and Khazail struck them in all the borders of Israel. 33From the Jordan, from the dawning the sun, and all the land of Gelad, and of Gad, and of Rubil, and of Manasheh, from Aduir at the mouth of the valley of Arnon and Gelad and Mathnin.

34And the rest of the accounts of Yehu, and everything that he did, and all his manliness, behold, they are written in the book of The Chronicles of the Kings of Israel. 35And Yahu fell asleep with his parents, and they buried him in Samaria, and Yahuakhaz his son was made king after him. 36And the days that Yahu reigned over Israel were twentyeight years in Samaria.

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